Mom is another thing that we often take as granted, just like oxygen, water and electricity. Now, some people here will be like, oh my god! How can you compare mom to a thing? Or , a woman is not a thing! And blah, blah, blah, without even reading the whole story! Like seriously? Anyway let’s continue while ignoring such kind of people who create unnecessary drama and shows themselves as a liberal person in public who take care of their wives and treat them no less than a queen . But only they know what is the truth. It’s true that our thoughts keep evolving with time. And when people change their statements and thoughts with time, they are called as fickle , or vague , or unstable to their statements by the so called netizens. I’ve always been closer to my mother and saw her working every minute of the day , for every day of the month and for every month of the year and for every year since she came into this house after being married to her husband, my father of course. Now that doesn’t mean that I hate my father or he doesn’t much work. He is a really good father and I share very good relation with him, he also works very hard this house. And my grandmother, she also keeps helping my mom in the households. But she have various advantages like, she can rest whenever she wants, she do work whenever she wants to or mom will do it anyway, she can go and sit for an uncountable number of hours in our relatives house. But my mom , it’s not like she feels caged or feels like being harassed, because our family is really a sweet one. She thinks that taking care of us is the only target of her life now. She says , that she will be happy to work even more if it results in my success. That smile never leaves her face, when she talks about having dinner in a 5 star hotel, the day I will pay the bill with my first salary. She’s growing old, not because of age but because of the hard work she do and want to fulfill all her dreams as soon as possible.