This story is about 21st century generation’s obsession with smartphones and how they can harm them. Moreover, importance of teachers in a student’s life.


There was a boy named Ishan, 13 years. Small height but incidents bigger than height. Full of notoriety but respectful. The only child of his parents.He was a notorious child and studied in 7th standard. He had a whole lot of friends who were of the same age, studied in the same class and same school.

He was very naughty,the whole school was fed up of him. Regular complaints and letters from school and teachers at home would anger his father a lot. But the one person who he obeyed the most was his grandfather. He obeyed him the most and could do anything for him.

Once he suddenly demanded of a mobile or cell phone from his father who owned an electronics shop. He dismissed his this demand citing it to be inappropriate of his age. When he tries to convince his grandfather..Mr. Verma,his father intervened by saying that he always supported Ishan a d that waa giving a blow to his naughtiness. His grandfather told both of them to solve the matter on their own and went away. This gave a sigh of relief to Mr. Verma who could not even scold Ishan in front of his father.

Now, Ishan was helpless. He did not do what to do. He went to his mother and said,”Mumma, I want a mobile phone. Its is very necessary in today’s time. You can call me if you want something ftom the market. Papa can call me if he wants to get something from home. All my friends are having it. I too want it. “

His mom,Mrs. Verma said,”  Ishu,you know that your father will never succumb to yours this demand. Why are you again and again trying it then. Its not of any use.”

But Ishan was determined to get his demand fulfilled.

One night, Mr. Verma waa talking to his friend over phone and his ring fell off the balcony. When he came inside,he saw that there was no ring. He got worried as it was his lucky ring and was with him for the last 30 yrs and waa gifted to him by his mother who was no more.

Mrs. Verma said,” Try to recall when had you seen it last and where. Try it.”

He recalled and got to know that last he was at the balcony when he had worn it. All of them went downstairs to look for it. He promised to offer a gift to whosoever would find if. Everyone started looking for it. There was chaos everywhere as everyone wanted a gift. Mrs. Verma had already thought of a diamond necklace for herself.

Finally, Ishan found it stuck in between the leaves of a plant. Mr. Verma was very elated to see it again. He just hugged him, kissed him and asked him to demand whatever he want.

Now,as he had promised to offer a gift.

Ishan said,” Now,as papa you had promised to offer a gift..I want a mobile phone.”

Mr. Verma said,” No, demand something else.”

Mr. Verma’s father said that it was their family tradition to fulfill any given promise at any cost. Mr. Verma was in a dilemma,but as it was their family tradition,he couldn’t break it.

Relentlessly and helplessly,he had to succumb to Ishan’s demand and decided to get him a smartphone the next day. Ishan was so happy with only the thought of getting a smartphone that he could not wait for it and was unable to sleep. At night,Ishan went to his father and said,” Papa,I think that we should just ho now and open the shop and get the phone.”

Mr. Verma said,”  Shut up!!Just look at the clock,its 11:10. Just go to your room,sleep and let others sleep too.”

Hearing this,he got sad and went away.

The very next day,he got up early. Had his breakfast done and also made his father hurry up, letting him not even having his breakfast properly.

As they reached the shop,their manager,Mr. Bhalla welcomed Ishan and asked him his motive behind coming and also if he wanted to eat or drink something.

Ishan said,” Uncle,I have come here to buy a smartphone for myself and I don’t want anything. But can you please just get chocolate shake for me.”

Mr. Bhalla agreed and ordered one for him.

He bought a new smartphone for himself and went away. Full day,he would be texting,calling and playing games on his phone. He had no other thing to eating,no bathing.

He would carry his phone daily to school too and exchange funny jokes and memes with friends. Once,there was a notice circulated in the whole school that if any child was caught with his phone on..then he/she would be debarred from the school. Everyone got tenst.

One day,during recess,Ishan and some of his friends were caught with their cell phones on and that too sharing jokes on teachers. His teacher got very angry on reading one such joke and handed over their phones to Principal Ma’am. She asked them to call their parents so that they could hand over the termination letter directly to them. Ishan cried,begged for forgiveness but all in vain. He did not know what to do. But had to get his phone back plus report about the matter to his parents. With a deep regret and grief,he narrated the whole incident to everyone. They felt very shameful of not only Ishan but also of  themselves. Ishan’s grandfather was hurt a lot that how could his upbringing and thoughts be so disrespectful and shameful.

His grandfather said,” Teachers are God. One should never disrespect them or make fun of them. If they’ll not be there,lakhs and crores of children like you will never be able to stand on their feet.”

This thing touched Ishan a lot and he promisd not to repeat this mistake again in future.

Next day, Ishan promised the same in front of Principal Ma’am and thus was not debarred.

Moral of the story is use everything in limit and respect your teachers. They are the basic and most important building blocks of one’s life.