In the grand creation of nature’s marvels, the metamorphosis of a butterfly unfolds in front of our eyes. From small beginnings, this creature embarks on a journey of growth or transformation before blooming into a captivatingly beautiful and flamboyant entity and so did Ashley.

Just like an egg, she was a delicate creation, fragile and hidden away. But the fragility outside was quite a contradiction to the ferocity she had in her. She wanted to display herself in a beautiful manner but she bore a symphony of unrest. Her inner turmoil kept pushing her to her last straw. Until she cracked, she cracked. Expecting to be a phoenix, she was a caterpillar.

Disappointed with herself, she was plodding ahead with her head hung low. In her despondence, she took small and slow steps. Instead of striding, she was crawling but unwilling to give up. She didn’t know what lay ahead of her but what she did know was that she was gonna win, no matter how long it takes. Even if she had cracked, her ferocious behaviour remained unchanged.

But determination and the want to win didn’t change the fact that she thought she was being perceived and judged by every person she came across, scrutinising her every move and criticising her behind her back. She started doubting herself, she doubted herself enough to believe what others were supposedly saying about her. She felt her self-confidence shatter and it was as if nothing else mattered and only her insecurities had heightened.

Ashley attempted to overlook the shrewd judgement she felt was directed at her but alas, she gave in to the pressure. She wanted nothing more than to hide away from the peering eyes. She had kept up a facade for an exorbitant amount of time. She couldn’t anymore but then simultaneously, she didn’t want the people to know that they got to her.

Thus, she began to weave intricate threads of self-assurance around her till the point she felt safe. She had built a cocoon for herself. It had become her safe space. She finally felt at peace. She did not feel perceived by judgemental gazes. She felt secure enough to embark on a journey of self-improvement.

As the days unfolded, the tightly woven cocoon saw its first scar. It barely reached the surface, one wouldn’t be able to notice if they didn’t pay attention. Regardless of that fact, the presence of the small scar served as a testament that Ashley made remarkable progress for her self-improvement.

In a nick of time, there were a significant number of cracks on the cocoon, symbolising Ashley’s incredible progress. These scars and cracks represented her readiness to break free from her safe space and face the world.

Filled with determination and unwavering confidence, she ventured ahead with magnificent, flamboyant and fierce wings. She was prepared to soar and confront any and all adversities and obstacles that lay in her path. Ashley exuded a sense of self-assurance that shielded her from any prying gazes.

Aware that she had become the epitome of her best self, she embraced herself with poise and conviction. Beyond all this, she took a trip down the memory lane to meet her past persona. And all she ever hopes is that her past self would take pride in what she has become now.