Allow your heart to love the Fear that you sometime feel. Sometime what people want they don’t get it. Life has its own plan for everyone. Just like Aliya and Arjun who meet accidentally but after that love play its chance and as a result their life changes, in a way like no one had thought…

After whole night message talk they both Aliya and Arjun decided to meet next day.

The next day Arjun was waiting for her in a bus stand. She was late, Arjun’s eyes was searching her in that public mob and then a girl from a distance waved her hand to him. He saw her, his heart rate rises, he take a deep breath and forward her a sweet smile.

They both get into a bus, and grabbed a window seat for two. It was their second meeting after that amazing party and that amazing dance together. She was going for her computer classes and so Arjun thought to give her company and by this they both got a chance to meet again.

After 40 min they reached their destination. They both used that moment to know each other more. But as they reached, she went to her classes and Arjun take a return ticket to his home.

They continually start meeting to each other every day at the same place and spent their quality time with each other. Sometime Arjun used to went to Mani residence which was near to Aliya’s Computer Class center and when her class get over, she used to call him and then they both return back together, grabbing few more moment together.

One night a strange message beeped in Arjun’s mobile. It was from Aliya after going through that message, Arjun get confused. He started thinking what had happened to her, why she was asking him such a question and wanted its reply in so hurry.

Aliya: Sorry to disturb you. I wanna ask you something? Do you like me… please reply in hurry because someone from your friend cycle is waiting for my reply? Now tell!!!

Arjun: Who is waiting for your reply? First you tell me!!! Who?

Aliya: At first you tell me… Yes or No… He is one of your friends.

Arjun: Yeah!!! Every one like you then why shouldn’t I. I too like you. Now tell me his name..!!??

Aliya: Okay!! Do you love me? I will tell you his name after your answer.

Arjun at first get confused what to reply. He was fall in love with her but how could he accept that all of a sudden. He himself don’t know, that the feeling which he was carrying within himself was really a feeling of love or just a feeling of attraction. And all this is happening was so sudden that he could not understand. So at last he thought for a while and then reply.

Arjun: Hmm!! I respect you Aliya as a friend. I love to spend time with you but still I don’t know what to give answer to your question. I never thought like that ever. I think you understand.

Aliya at first thought that what a jerk was this Arjun, she was asking him directly, providing him an open chance and what Arjun did was unexpected reply. Aliya was little bit attracted towards Arjun from the first time when she saw him at that birthday party that’s why she had asked that question directly to Arjun. But now she had get her answer, so she texted him in a disappointment.

Aliya: Thank you, I just wanted to know your answer and I too respect you only nothing else.

Arjun: Now tell me who was waiting for you reply among in my friends.

Aliya: Tripu..!! I had not reply him yet, you tell me what to reply him. Suggest me please.

Arjun: What do I imply? Do whatever your heart was forcing you to do. But I was little bit surprised, after Koshi, suddenly he fall for you. How?

Aliya: I too get surprised how could he. I talk to him about his relationship with Koshi but he was sick of me and I got fed up with him. So frustrating he was.

Arjun: Okay how can I help you? May I talk to him on behalf of you?

Aliya: No, let me first discuss with Koshi then I will tell you if I need your help. And thank you Arjun to help me in this problem.

Next day Omi Tripu Arjun and Mani decided to hang out in local mall. So Arjun went to Omi’s residence which is nearby. Omi came out and told Arjun that Tripu was coming too here. So while they both were waiting for him Omi get busy in his call and after few minute later Tripu came with a broad smile in his face. He came to them and told them that he had a good news. Both Omi and Arjun get curious to know the news which is good, but for whom, they don’t know so they asked him what that was so called good news. Then he told that Aliya had accepted to his proposal. Last night he was proposed her and told that he was in love with her and Aliya accepted his proposal.

For Arjun it was just like a thunder clap on him but he didn’t show any reaction in that time.

Arjun thought maybe it was some type of misunderstanding, after last night talk with Aliya, he got to know that Aliya somehow have a feeling for him not for someone else. But as he was already told to Aliya that he was just a friend of her so now he had not any right to come in between them.

So they went to Mani’s house next and then to mall as they have their plan and enjoy together, forgetting about everything. They came late to their homes. When Arjun came back home he send a message to Aliya for conforming what Tripu had told them was that right. After a while he got a reply from her that Yes she had accepted Tripu’s proposal but not because she like him, just because Tripu was irritating her.

Arjun at first get confused how she could just accept someone proposal just because he was disturbing him by ringing, texting and all. Arjun don’t have any word to utter that time to Aliya. Whatever Aliya thought was right she had done it. At last they both exchange few more messages and greets each other Good Night.

Something get change between them. Their so called friendship start getting fade. Circumstances made Arjun to step back while life speed up its velocity. Now Aliya’s time divided onto two persons and due to this no one get satisfied.

Well said women’s are the most complex creature of the universe. They themselves don’t know what they really want. They turn every simple situation into a very complex one. And every time their complex situation have to handle by someone else who don’t even know what was their fault in all this play. Lastly women pretend like nothing happened just because their complex puzzle was solved by someone else and in this whole process an innocent get trapped and had to suffer a lot. But still at the end that innocent don’t get any appreciation rather get a kick in his ass.

What happened next? Will they meet or just that broken thread remain unchanged.

Life is unpredictable. No one knows what twist and turns it take. Will it have a happy ending or sad or just became a suspense.

So let wait and watch the Grotesque turns in this story…