This is a frictional story between Love & Attraction..Language & Religions.. It has a Grotesque Dilemma, Some Special Occurrence, which can put you in some mixture of Emotion. And it’s become little bit difficult to come over it. Just taste the Flavor of Love.

Let start my new story, a story of love that become a Mysterious Tragedy. Yes it’s not a story which you can predict, it is a story that no one knows. After all many stories are become legendry but not published. And here I brought a simple love story that can steal your heart somehow.

“It’s always better to be loved than to love” someone well said. But is this really happened in love. What do you think YES or NO… hmm… I think Yes !!!


It was the cold December morning. There were 5 boys named Omi, Mani, Tripu, Mosko and Arjun. They all get well dressed, prepared their vehicles and went to pick up some friend which were of cause girls, for a birthday party of Mani’s Gf, Jack. It takes two trip to rapture all their invitees for the celebration to the destination.

They gathered in a place where no one of their family can disturb them while they were hanging out with so many pretty girls. It’s usual, who wants their parents, when they were enjoying and enjoying mainly with hot girls, right. Being only 5, they get very much advantages, like they dance with each and every girls on that party. Jack, the birthday girl was the main charm to that party which gave them (The Naughty boys) to flirt with new faces. But beside the birthday girl, her friends where so attractive that those boys can’t hold their selves to dance with them by holding their hand and waist.

Mani and jack enjoy their company together. But the others ignoring them (Mani & jack) Omi and Tripu were over enthusiastically dancing but being little bit shy, Arjun only observing them. Mosko was their DJ boy, who operates all the music by his new mobile. There was a hot and sizzling girl who called Jungly Billi by her friends. She was dancing like a professional with really hot moves on the dancing floor and grabbing everyone’s attentions. She was another charm in that party that steal the heart of those poor boys. She was very good dancer and Arjun eyes only staring her and hunting for a chance to come up with her. But He don’t know how to dance and in other hand he was little bet jealous that his friend was not leaving any chance to dance with her specially Omi who only stick with her.

Omi making his face in attitude to make Arjun jealous. They were fighting in their mind. And their conversation in their mind were visible just like…

Arjun (In a playful manner): Omi don’t go so close to her, she was going be mine soon.

Omi (with his over excited expression): bro, just chill and sit their quietly. Let me enjoy.

Arjun : (Tu pita ga) she is going to be your Bhabhi, stay away.

Omi : Bhabhi… hahaha.. (He laugh with his eyes)

But the thing,” Don’t lose hope, everyone will get his chance on their turn”.

And in that moment Arjun’s time take a turn, when Riya drag him on dance floor. He dance a little with her and mind fighting continues with Omi all that time.

And then music changes by their DJ boy Mosko and in a Flash Arjun steal that hot girl in his wrist. Omi get surprised but he continues his dancing with his girl. Yes!! He had also brought his girlfriend in that party.

Hmm… It needs guts to dance with another girl while you had bring your own girl with you. 😀

Arjun holds her (Jungli Billi’s) hand on his, looking into her brown eyes, forgetting about others, holding her waist. Music get stopped for Arjun, they both were dancing in their own rhythm. While that girl dancing in her own flow. It was the time get freeze for Arjun. His heart wanted to come out, but in a flash, when Arjun’s heart going to pop up, in that space of time, she was pulled by her friend.

Arjun wanted to continue his dance with her and wants the music never stop for them.

Dreams get broke when you come in reality….

That 5 minute dance had taken it prominent print on Arjun. Party goes very long and came to the end, when morning turns into evening. Everyone get ready, Birthday girl also collect her all gift stuffs. When they came out of that place then Tripu wanted Jangli Billi to sit back to him on bike and Riya wanted to sit with Arjun. But Arjun had his another plan so he wanted Jangli Billi to sit on his bike and Omi somehow know Arjun’s mind so he told everyone to sit as they had sit previously as they first came to this party. Then Arjun dropped Jangli Billi from where he had picked her up.

When she was just going to disappear in the narrow path of her house, he feels her real beauty when she walking wearing white shut which was making her an angle going to vanish in that narrow road which end in the clouds. Her white dupatta which was waving in air seem like the wings of an angle. The moment always sticks into Arjun’s dream whenever he close his eyes and thought for her.

When he reached home, his younger brother told about an anonymous girl was searching for him. Arjun asked his brother for her name if she had told any and his brother told that she told her name was Aliya. At first Arjun stressed his mind and then get surprised why that Jangli Billi had called him. So He call her back to enquire and she said that she called him to ask whether he had reached his home safely or not. A naughty smile came over Arjun’s face.

It was the longest day of his life he thought. All night both of them continue their message chat and try to know each other more.

They decided to meet next day and something interesting happened…

Love and attraction can make a really big differences…