There are three things you need to know before you read this. One, I kill people for a living. Two, magic is real. And three? This is the story of how I screwed up. Royally. Now, how does one tell a well-structured story when life is absolute chaos?

Once upon a time, in a far, far away land hidden away from mortals, lived the communities of the magical. You had your usual- the werewolves, the vampires, the faeries, the merfolk and the witches (although really we prefer the term ‘wizards’.) The communities were all bound to the Alliance, a constitution of sorts to ensure peace among all and was treated with respect. It wasn’t unusual for these communities to fight, for peace can never be constant, but in the end the Alliance was always the end say. And so, all communities lived in harmony. Well. Until I made a teensy-weensy little mistake. Miniscule, really. My community- the magical aka the witches, wizards, sorcerers, casters, all synonymous, have a community not far off from Harry Potter. Our community was divided into territories and mine was Mauve. It was a beautiful place where every wizard or caster was trained in all- potions, healing, defense and basic magic. I happened to be part of the police. A task force which specialized in hunting down those who seeked to harm the Alliance or use magic to break the Code of The Casters. Not to brag or anything, but my team was the best.  Well known fact, actually. Well, only to those on a need to know basis, cause technically we don’t exist and all. Our last mission was simple enough. Hunt down the doofus trying to sell out sensitive wizarding information to other communities and stop end him. Pretty easy, right? And it so happened that this guy was supposed to be at the Annual Alliance Event where all the communities mingle once a year and make nice. So kill him and then party all night. Done. Except..not really.

Now to the present. My team consisting of 4 other people – Nico, Para, Livia, Lydia and I arrived at our location, the hotel hosting the event this year- The Santosiran, located in neutral territory, and one of the places with the best security. We started to mingle, blending in with the crowd as normal guests when our target walks in. I cracked my neck and calmed my mind as I began to focus. The target was a man of Asian heritage around 5’8, with a slim build and dyed blond hair.  He headed up to the open bar and took a seat beside the other two occupants. I slowly started walking towards the target, headed to the bar to get a drink and sent a discreet nod to my second, Nico to be ready to get this guy out of here without causing a scene..until my magic pulled in my chest causing me to stop. All of a sudden, it seemed to swirl in front me, moving in a physical form like never before. My eyes narrowed. I’d seen those swirls somewhere, I just couldn’t seem to place where.  One of the other people at the bar, a man, sitting right next to my target snapped his head up and our eyes connected. Well damn. If it wasn’t the most attractive looking guy I’ve ever seen in my life. Dark hair, a perfectly shaped nose, a sharp jawline and beautiful, dark eyes…which were glowing. Wolf. My head tilted. I could see my magic swirling around him. It was like nothing I’d never seen before. It swirled around him in shimmers of gold, but before I could analyse why my magic seemed to be tugging itself towards this man, he shot out of his seat and walked towards me and said the words every single Wattpad book werewolf female lead was confused the shit out by- “Mate.” Shit. Now, now, I know what you’re thinking. So you’re mated to a hot guy. What’s the problem? The problem was that the second my “mate” touched me, my magic shot out towards him. Years of training made my body move on reflex, and I managed to shove myself away from hot werewolf mate boy, only for my magic to wrap around us both ,pulling us together like we were magnets. The force of the magic seemed to crash into the both of us, blasting us into a wall and bathing the room with a  bright light. Arms banded around me as the force of it caused us both to crash to the floor and I groaned at both the fall and the feeling of something pushing against my chest. Hard. I looked down just in time to see the golden magic disappear into me. The guy below me groaned and then suddenly the feeling of this man, his entire presence around me seemed to intensify, as if my soul, my magic itself seemed to personally connect me to him.  Mate boy pulled us up and I turned , ready to push him away before I combusted from the pull he was causing when I looked into his eyes. They were glowing golden, different from the usual werewolf silver, and then it clicked. The golden magic? That was the beginning of the creation of a soul bond.  Soul bonds were sacred and only ever done within the wizarding community. It was magic of the deepest kind and rarely practiced anymore. And me? I just broke about three different rules for sure. So not only was I mated to this guy but I was also soul bonded to him. Plus, my target with super sensitive information that is probably going to be sold tonight got away, and I had just caused a scene, making myself the center of attention, when I should barely be existing. Shit.