When you focus on good things, good things become better! But damn I know my brother is never gonna change!

Hi, my name is Andrei or you can call me Andrew. Andrei is my Russian name meaning strong and manly but honestly, I am a coward who hates violence lol. Yeah, I honestly wanna be like an ordinary boy of my age but I am part of the Smirnov family the most feared mafia of the city, that’s why I keep my identity a secret.

I am the smallest brother in the family and after my parent’s death, I just got too traumatized. I was only 7 years old when my parents passed away and my bigger brother Christopher who was 10 years old at that time got to handle all the responsibilities ever after.

Currently, I am studying English major from Seoul University!

The life of my 21-year-old ass! I have always been a top student, it’s just that for me proving myself is important, proving that I am not like my brother.

Ohh! I will talk to you later. I have a class now. Let me explain my story later.

POV Christopher –

“Sir, please leave me. I have done nothing “, someone screamed begging for their life.

“Tsk, that’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard, do you think that I’ll let you go so damn easily?!!!” said Christopher

“Ahhhhhh!” a loud and last scream was heard from the person along with the sound of the gunshot

“fu*k! clean this place now “I said to my most trusted member Max

I then entered my mansion only to be greeted by my dearest useless brother.

“Hey Drew, Sup? How’s your so-called damn college going, hahaha?” I asked him

“Well, it’s going quite well BETTER than your killin’ and playin’ around with people’s life tsk?” Drew replied

“You idiot, it’s better if you keep your fucking mouth shut, I am already too tired and now I can’t tolerate your dramatic ass, you already know once you are a mafia you can’t escape”. “Just ask Max if you need any money, good night sweetie”.

I was so tired that I cleaned up myself and went to sleep.


Andrew stepped out from his part-time job of delivering parcels.

He stepped in front of the door and knocked to deliver the parcel.

“Hello! Is anyone there. There is a parcel for Han Ryunjin”.

A girl opened the door. I looked at her eyes, it was full of darkness and loneliness. But she was damn beautiful! I may have dropped the parcel all this time.

“Hey! Are you crazy or what!! That parcel was damn important”, she said.

She was going to slap me. But I caught her hand and there was a moment. A moment where I cannot take my eyes off her. But then she suddenly threw me out.

POV Han Ryunjin: –

“What an idiot!