After a long day in the middle of June, as I was walking relentlessly, my mind was somewhere else, and physically I was at a crossroads in front of this coffee shop called Essence of Magic”.  hundred of cars crashing beside me and all I could think was about the last summer about the girl. She was about five and four inches tall with dark brown eyes and black hair and a tattoo, that tattoo. 

it represents yin-yang, the first time that I saw her it felt like she is the yin to my yang just like her tattoo. It’s somewhat unexplainable but there was this light in my dark life and no matter how much time flew away I will never be able to forget her.

and I was drained and thirsty so I  enter the coffee shop to relax and was waiting for my americano. I looked out of the window, as there was a force pulling me outside and I couldn’t resist but look. 

Oh my god, oh, my god. Is this really what I am seeing?? I couldn’t believe my eyes.. and spilled coffee and ran to the other side.  It’s her, yes her. how do I tell her that for a whole year, I have been waiting for her, how do I ask her name? please this time I can’t let her go. So instead I went straight to her and asked, hey! we met earlier do you remember me? let’s go have a coffee. 

Damn, this place. this place is truly magic. magic that made me meet her again.