There was a boy named Royce and a girl named Rihanna, who were unknown to each other but they were of the same age. The schooling was finished and everybody was in the chaos of choosing the college and which field to choose for their career. Royce and Rihanna happened to choose the same Pre University and got their admissions done. It so happened that it was the first day of the college and Royce happened to see Rihanna and he was mesmerized looking at her. It was the love at first sight for Royce. When all the students got inside the classroom and seated themselves Royce along with his friends happened to sit behind Rihanna. Rihanna just know that there’s some guy sitting behind her and was simply listening to him while he was having a chat with his friends but she didn’t really see him. Despite the fact that she didn’t see Royce, she found him really attractive and interesting by just listening to him. Royce was really fascinated and eager to talk to Rihanna and he thought of all the ways to get her talking to him and finally he got an excuse to talk to her. He called her from behind asking her for the subject notes that were given in the classroom. Later on that day, he decided to find Rihanna’s Instagram so that he can get talking to her. It was difficult to find her Instagram but he did succeed. Rihanna accepted his request and they became friends. Slowly the friendship was growing into something more. Royce and Rihanna loved talking to each other and spend time with each other but here comes a twist. Rihanna was already in a relationship with a guy whom she met just right after her schooling was finished. It was the summer holidays and she met this guy on Instagram. Rihanna and this guy were not exactly in a relationship because they hardly used to meet, didn’t spend anytime talking to each other. There was no spark between them like it was with Royce and her. Whenever she was with Royce she was the happiest and she used to forget about her boyfriend and all the hardships she had in life. She started ignoring her boyfriend and used to always think about Royce. Rihanna was not aware of these things happening, she didn’t know that she was slowly and deeply falling in love with Royce. Rihanna’s boyfriend was not very close to her, he was not serious about her. It always seemed like he was just dating because he wanted to date for fun. It was the reality and Rihanna didn’t know this about her boyfriend. The reason that Rihanna got into this relationship was, she was alone and she had childhood trauma which made her feel that people find difficult to love her. She never got the love she always craved from her mom and dad and she was hated by almost everyone and that’s the reason she was always attracted to people who showed her the bare minimum and the minutest amount of love and care. She getting into this relationship was just the trauma response. One fine day she sat down and thought that her boyfriend was just using her for his sexual desires and that he was just dating for fun and also when Rihanna asked him for the commitment, he clearly refused! 

After some days Royce was texting Rihanna and he confessed his eternal love for her and how he always loved her since the day he saw her. Rihanna was confused, didn’t know what to do as she was already in the relationship which was obviously toxic but that was the fact and Royce didn’t know about her relationship. Rihanna never thought about her boyfriend when she was with Royce because all she could think of every single time was Royce. She never missed her boyfriend. Later, she broke up with her boyfriend and then collected the guts to confront Royce about her relationship she had, she finally told him about her relationship. Royce was really mad and upset with Rihanna because she didn’t tell him about her relationship. There was alot of arguments, cries, misunderstandings and alot of chaos between Royce and Rihanna. Royce’s trust was broken as Rihanna tried to hide some things she had with her boyfriend to protect the feelings of Royce as he was already so hurt by the fact that she was in a relationship and it was hard for him to trust Rihanna again. Then after the Pre University was completed Royce moved to another city for his career and the matter was left unsolved. They were not in talking terms. All this chaos continued for almost a year and a half and Rihanna chased Royce for all this time trying to have a clear conversation so that the misunderstandings were cleared. Later, almost a year and a half Royce really wanted to talk it out and he was back in town for some days. He was patient enough to listen what had really happened. That fortunate day, all the misconceptions, issues were resolved and they sorted the matter and understood what both felt. Later they tried to start their relationship slowly all over again, and everything was getting better between them. The love and care they had for each other blossomed again giving a new hope to their relationship and they lived happily together. Since Royce had moved to another city, it was a long distance relationship which was really painful but they tried to keep it together and made their connection stronger with their never ending love.

Love has no boundaries and one will find a way back to the person they are meant for. When two people love each other they give their best to make it work despite of all the hardships that life throws onto them. Royce and Rihanna did absolutely this. They both accepted each other for the person they are and loved each other’s flaws and they found their way back to each other.