Once upon a time, in a world of interconnected technology, two hearts found each other despite the vast distance that separated them. This is a story of a girl named Taylor and a boy named Liam, a tale of commitment and the power of love.

Taylor and Liam lived in two different cities and were about 334.9 km away from each other, but Liam was an athlete who used to practice in the same city where Taylor lived. Liam met Taylor online with a help of a friend and as soon as they started talking Liam started liking Taylor and few days after talking, Liam confessed his feelings to Taylor and he found out that Taylor liked her too they started dating and they discovered similar interests in music and their life were not different, Taylor was the only girl child in her family and she had very strict parents, she was in high school and so was Liam but because Liam was an athlete he had to leave his studies and was focused on his game and Taylor was a doing well in her academics but still her mother was not satisfied with her and her mother use to demotivate her every possible way she could between all of this Taylor met Liam and now he became a part of her life and Liam had a very strict father but he was supportive but at the same time he was so disciplined and Liam used to party on his weekends which pissed him off. Liam and Taylor knew deep in their heart that they had found something rare and beautiful.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and their love persisted. Soon Liam got an injury and the doctor said that it cannot be treated, that day Liam lost himself he felt helpless, he cried and got his first panic attack but Taylor supported her in every possible way she could, but the time Liam called Taylor and he said that he cannot do this relationship because he told Taylor that he will be going back to his home town and will be studying now and as soon as she heard she started crying out loud begging him to stay and she convinced Liam that she isn’t going anywhere and she is willing to do this long distance and after listening to her, Liam agreed but he did not want her to stay because he has been in a long distance before which did not go good and his ex cheated on him but he agrees and disconnected the call by saying “I love you, my princess”.

So, it was the last week and Liam decided to give this week to his friends who supported him all these years one day he got a text from Taylor, that her parents are going out for some important work and will be back after a few hours and as soon as he heard that he was so excited to meet her and Liam said that he’ll be there in next 30 min and both got excited and they stayed on the call until he reaches her, both were nervous and happy at the same time.

Liam was standing right outside of her apartment, as soon as he saw Taylor, he could feel his heart racing so fast and he was confused by his reaction and he prayed that she liked him too and she raised her hand, telling him to come closer to her, they walked hand in hand.

He lifts his head 

She’s staring at him

Her eyes followed him

“shit,” he whispers to no one   

Taylor invited him to her house and they entered her house She took him to his bedroom she gave him the bracelet she ordered for them and they sat together and started feeling comfortable around each other, she showed him her childhood pics and introduced him to her favorite soft toy named “cinnamon”.

Liam whispered, we didn’t hug

Taylor was so happy after she heard that and they hugged each other tightly Taylor could sense his heart which was beating so fast till that time, it continued for the next five minutes and after that, they looked into each other eyes and they could feel that fire and Liam’s lips met her lips, that was their first kissed

He described his first kiss saying,

of all the words in the dictionary

there are none to describe this feeling 

of when your lips touched mine

Then both sat there for a while, Taylors’ head was on Liam’s shoulder and both were describing their feeling to each other now it was time when Liam to leave as Taylor got a call from her mom saying they are coming back home, so she opened the door for Liam and before saying goodbye she hugged Liam so tight and he could feel her tears falling

He said,

Don’t cry princess, I am yours today, tomorrow, and forever.

He kissed her on the forehead and make her a promise.  “This is the beginning of our story”.