This story is about a loving father-daughter relationship that how a daughter takes care of her father when her mom leaves him.


The story revolves around a billionaire jewelry merchant, Mr. Adam John based in Goa. Good built, 5’10’’ tall, fair complexion, wearing tuxedos. He had a big bungalow, facing riverside, surrounded by lots of greenery and having a number of servants. He had an NGO for blind people, did all social works, and was a common figure at high-ended parties. Had a loving family with a lovely wife, Eve and a young, beautiful and charming daughter Rosy.

Everything seemed just near to perfect for John and it was also. His wife loved him a lot, cared for him a lot and was always there whenever he needed her the most. But soon, differences started developing between the two. No one knew the reason. They would have constant fights. Rosy was also abroad for her studies. There were only a few months left for her graduation. She did not knew anything happening in the house. Mr. John and his wife, Mrs. Eve John were just living together for the sake of their daughter. They wanted to separate now. There was nothing left between them. `

Then came the day when Rosy had his graduation ceremony done and got her degree. She came home happily and was super excited, but all his excitement got ruined and turned into a turmoil when she got to know the disastrous relationship between her parents. She did not know what to do.

She went to her mom and asked the reason behind everything. She said,” Rosy, I know that you and your father love me a lot.

But for some time, I have started developing feelings for some other man. I think that I love him a lot and want to thus, separate from your father.

I don’t have guts to confess this to your father. Please do convey this do your dad and ask him to forgive me. “

Rosy was stumped. She did not know how to react, what to say, what to do. She tried her level best to let her mom stay with her dad but it seemed that she was determined and was fixed on her decision. With a deep heart, she convinced her father to separate from her mom. He did not know what had happened to daughter but all that he knew was that now, there was nothing left between the two.

They went to family court, signed divorce papers and separated.

Rosy told her father,” Dad, mom wanted to leave you because of late, she had started developing feelings for some other person.  She did not wish to live with us anymore. She said sorry to you and demanded forgiveness from your side. “

From the next day onwards, Rosy took care of his father as if she was his mom. She would get up early to prepare breakfast for him. She was the one who would make up his cupboard. She also started taking care of the business. Whenever he would forget his medicines, she was there to scold him. Whenever he would cry, she was there to wipe his tears and love him. He always blessed her and wished that she gets a nice husband. He would usually say her,” Never ever dump any guy for other guy. You don’t know how much he loves you and how much you will hurt him for other person”. While saying so, tears rolled down his cheeks.

Rosy couldn’t see her father like this and consulted about this with one of her friends. He suggested her to make her dad marry again. She at first, thought it as an impossible thing but then, when a sad face of his moved in front of her. She could not think about anything else.

When she tried to discuss it with her father, he said very beautiful words to her. He said:

“I have already been hurt a lot by a person whom I loved the most. I don’t want to face it again. Moreover I now want you to live happily. I am happy if you are happy. I don’t want anyone to say that you have a step-mom. Your mom was very good. I respect her and love her a lot.”

Now, the father-daughter duo live happily and need no one else for survival.