With all the stress and fatigue Marry went upstairs. A glass of water she took…… then suddenly she thought that she should contact FBI personnel. That time the amount of emotions she gathered at her heart that her soul was also screaming out loud with terror.

She sat beside Sydney and contacted Conners, “Mr Conners….from FBI?” A heavy voice said, “Yes …..Who’s this?” As she heard the voice, she started speaking, “S-S-S—Sir.. Sir    I saw that person…… I saw the person in hood. He looked very similar to John sir… I really saw him!” and continued saying, “Maam wasn’t talking bullshit….I ran behind that person…. I went till the end of the day of the hospital and even the security guy that I saw him.

The FBI person stood up and he immediately exclaimed, “Madam please calm down and tell me in detail whatever you can….. I will be there in the hospital in next fifteen minutes. So Conners and Jeremy from FBI came there in just two minutes. Personally assisting problem both taken security things of the entire hospital. Both of them asked in detail questions about the figure, how she saw the same and where she saw. Then further they went to the space where those things happened and every detail they tried to capture. Marry grabbed hands of both. They just had a quick glance at one another and continued walking.

After checking and testing everything they can. In between their talks they said, “I am thinking sir we should go and check Sydney madam. We should make sure her health and safety remains the same.” They ran in a hurry and went inside and everything was ok….Marry thanked God for the same.

Because many a times FBI people have seen that the patient got affected by some people or mechanical faults which can be done by those people who wanted to kill someone or hamper their health.

Some conditions would be worse than what they are at the present. Now the real FBI work started. They planned to grab the CCTV footage from the database, so they will be able to find out who is that personality.  In a very swift manned they wish to find things out.

Suddenly Sydeny woke up but she could not move a lot due her strength less body. She was listening to the conversation but she had no clue. So she asked Marry, “Marry what did happen? Why the FBI people are here with you at this time? Is everything okay? Is John okayyy? Tell me nothing sad happened…..” Further Marry just pointed to FBI personnel to leave the room. Both smiled and left. Further when she came with a juice glass….gave that to Sydney…..She said, “Never ever take this much amount of tension….Sir will be surely fine. You won’t be fine and when will come back; he will ask me why you didn’t take good care of my Sydney…..” Listening to Marry’s words she just got some ray of hope…during that talk she just slept and tears rolled down over her face…….Marry wiped it with tissue paper and they both slept ……