This is a story about two people very much in love each other but shies away from expressing it because of some understanding. Read on to find out if they are too late in expressing their feelings.


“Will she accept me?”

“What if it’s a no? At least I should try.”  “I cannot give up unsure of her feelings”.

“Oh god! What am I going to say once I meet her, also what is it that she wants to tell me? “, Arjun snapped out of his train of thoughts with a loud honking noise behind him.

“Move man what are you still doing there?” shouted some irritated voice from behind. Arjun immediately started his bike and left.

Sanjana was in the cafe waiting for him to come. She was bodily present but her mind was elsewhere.

She remembered the first time they met. It was totally ‘hate’ at first sight. She thought him to be a very rude guy. It was the same case with him. He thought of her as some rich spoilt kid. Both were wrong in their judgments. With time they understood each other better and only realized how very much alike they were. With time they developed feelings for each other and their friendship turned to love but none of them expressed it for the fear of being rejected by the other.

She tried to know about his feelings. Once in his absence and with great care to sound casual asked his friend if he has a girlfriend. Pat came the reply that he loves someone and they might even be in a relationship. She was disheartened and lost all hope. “What have I been expecting? That I shall be lucky enough to have my feelings reciprocated “, she thought to herself.

She avoided him, tried to forget him and then finally decided to stay by his side just as a friend. But there finally has come a now or never situation. Her parents started looking for suitable matches for her. They asked her if she has anyone in mind. All they want is for their daughter to be happy either way, them choosing a groom or she herself choosing her husband.

She has to express her feelings. She cannot give up without knowing what exactly is on his mind.

“I may be the one, I may not.” “What if am unable to say what I want to say, also what could he possibly want to tell me?”

She heard someone knock on the table which made her snap out of her thoughts. It was him. It was Arjun.

She smiled at him. He smiled back. He asked, “Would you like to order anything?”

She said “later.”

He said “Ok!”

They both stared at each other. After what seemed like ages they suddenly shouted together “I love you!”

There was a long pause. This time they stared blankly at each other. “What did you say?” Arjun asked.

“What did you say?” she questioned back.

“What did you say? I asked first” Arjun retorted.

“What? No! What did you say? I said it first and also I am just not sure what I heard was right”

“Same here”, Arjun said mockingly.

“Aren’t you going to tell me?”  , asked Sanjana making a puppy face.

“Alright alright I said what you said”, answered Arjun.

“And what did I say?” Sanjana asked with a smirk.

“Really  Sanjana! Don’t you remember”, Arjun half smiled

“Nope”, she said.

“You really get things done your way, alright I said I love you”, shouted Arjun.

Completely blushing Sanjana said-“And I love you too Arjun.”

“But your friend told me you are in love with some other girl”, asked Sanjana.

“And that some other girl is you. I never told him it was you I had a crush on. Ok, now you tell me who is this guy you have a crush on?”

Sanjana raised her eyebrows and said-“Who else could it be? By the way, how did you know that I had a crush on Mr. Somebody?”

“Madam!  You aren’t the only one who makes secret inquiries. I can do it too.”-Arjun said tauntingly.

That was the beginning of a new relationship, many fights and many more happy moments together.