A simple yet profound tale of romance, oops…LOVE !


31st January 2017

02:45 AM


Dear Diary,

You may be wondering why on earth at the middle of this night I am scribbling on you? And your doubt is totally righteous as I am not into divulging each and every happening in my life to you. It is not because you are a boring entity like me! The two reasons I can give you is that I am one hell of a lazy lamb and most importantly there is no such remarkable incidents occurring in my rather dull life that I could share with you beaming with proud.

But tonight I have decided to tell you a thing which is robbing me of my sleep tonight.

It was a couple of months back; I was waiting for my train at the Nerul station. I saw a young couple, probably both of them in their 20s standing beside me. But unlike others waiting there, be it the bunch of college students or the office-goers or even the flock of tourists probably from Spain which is evident from their accent, the couple where not protruding their eyes into their smartphones and literally ignoring the beings in their vicinity. Instead, they were just enjoying each other’s company but trust me at one moment I felt like I should confront them and take a selfie with them and post it on my Instagram wall and caption it ‘WITH THE REAL LIFE BOLLYWOOD COUPLE’! But I know it would be so lame to interrupt them and by the way I was not that bold enough.

Oh! It dawned on me that they were married to each other when I saw a small streak of vermillion on her forehead. Such love between a married couple? Whoa! Too impressed with the sight!

Deep in my mind I prayed, a thing which I do once in a while ‘God, make this couple cheerful till the end of eternity’. After this small tryst with God, the train arrived! The quest for acquiring a seat in the local train made me totally forget about them. Alas, I got a seat and thanked my stars. The day at my college went without any peculiarity as always.

A few days later, I saw that couple over again. This time the lady whom I would like to name as Mrs X was carrying a messenger bag and adorned in a casual dress while the guy (Obviously Mr X!) was in formal attire. Mr X was apparently trying to exchange the small colourful jute bag with the messenger bag which his wife was happily carrying on her shoulders. It seems like Mrs X was trying to show her physical mettle by intentionally carrying the heavier bag while handing her small bag to his well-built husband while they were waiting for their train. I was watching all these and was giggling in my mind.

As the train arrived, they switched their bags while sharing a hearty laugh. This time I made up my mind to enter the same compartment of the train as them which I couldn’t during my first meet with them. After all it would be worth passing my time witnessing the childish play between this wonderful couple throughout my 1 hour journey! Amidst the hurried and distasteful life where I haven’t seen love except in novels and two hour films, I felt the surge to LIVE, LOVE SOMEONE AND NOT JUST EXIST. Wait, Is Mr X glaring at me? Holy Shit! Is he walking towards me? Has he caught me shamelessly gazing them for the past 15 minutes without a break? I stood there like an idle statue with my heart pounding at an alarming rate.

(To be continued)