It is the third day of the week. A dark grey cloud has covered the warm ray of the sun. After an exhausting week of the relentless summer, pleasant weather has appeared. As usual, Anubhav woke up at 8 a.m. with a cup of tea. Without thinking of enjoying the day at home, he went to the washroom to ready for the office. Today is a very crucial day for him because he has a significant meeting in the office. After having a chicken sandwich for breakfast he left for the office.

Thirty years old light brown complexion Anubhav with brown eyes, very disciplined, reticent, and passionate about his work. Anubhav works in a well-known reputed private bank. At age fifteen, he lost his father and lives with his mother in a 2BHK apartment in the city. After his father’s demise his mother, Urmila Devi raised him single-handedly, struggling against poverty.

Soon Rain started all over the city, people felt a sigh of relief at the sudden appearance of this pleasant weather. While waiting for the bus at the bus stop, Anubhav saw a beautiful girl dancing in the rain like a captivating peacock. He got bewildered for some minutes and stared at her like an enchanted diamond stone. Her bewitching beauty attracts his eyes and he couldn’t take his eyes off her. He attempts to avert his eyes away but he realizes that his eyes are no longer in his control. Before he could reach her, his bus arrived and he was in a hurry because he had to attend the meeting. 

After returning home from the office, Anubhav went to his room directly without interacting with her mother because he was so lost in her thoughts. His mind was not letting him forget that precious moment when he saw the anonymous ravishing girl. He doesn’t aware of her address, even her name. And he repeatedly asked himself, ‘How would I find her in this vast city without having any information related to her?’ and couldn’t sleep properly at night.


  1. Bhoomika Suma


    The passage sets the stage with a vivid description of the atmosphere, portraying a warm and exhausting week followed by the sudden appearance of pleasant weather. The protagonist, Anubhav, is introduced as a disciplined and passionate individual working in a renowned bank. The mention of his upbringing and the struggles faced by his mother adds depth to his character and hints at his strong values.

    The narrative takes an interesting turn when Anubhav encounters a beautiful girl dancing in the rain. The author’s use of imagery, comparing her to a captivating peacock, adds a touch of enchantment to the scene. Anubhav’s fascination with her beauty is portrayed through his inability to divert his gaze, even when his bus arrives and he is in a hurry. This sets the stage for a potential romantic subplot, as Anubhav is left yearning to find the mysterious girl.

    The passage effectively conveys Anubhav’s state of mind after returning home from the office. His preoccupation with the girl he saw is evident through his lack of interaction with his mother and his inability to forget the precious moment. The author portrays Anubhav’s internal struggle and his desire to find the girl, highlighting his curiosity and romantic inclinations.

    Overall, the passage effectively engages the reader by creating a vivid atmosphere and introducing an intriguing plot point. It leaves the reader with a sense of anticipation and curiosity, wondering how Anubhav will navigate the vast city to find the girl who captured his attention. The author’s descriptive language and the protagonist’s relatable qualities make this an engaging and promising start to a potential love story.

  2. Debashi kunsh

    I enjoyed how descriptive the characters were written, although a little more about the girl would be appreciative, I found Anubhav a very intriguing character, it seemed like he went through quite a lot only in a few lines but seconds later he was all fallen in love with another girl and even went on a mission to find her I think the girl herself deserves a whole book she was although only described in glimpses seemed fun and bubbly such characters always bring joy and sunshine

    overall, it would be helpful to have more insight into Anubhav’s thoughts and feelings throughout the story. Understanding his emotions and motivations would make him a more relatable and engaging character. Additionally, it would be interesting to explore the impact of his father’s demise on his life and how that has shaped his personality and relationships.