This story pays tribute to the love that happens at first sight and how just grows if there is a strong will to get that person.


Sana was a fun-loving, bubbly, chubby girl. She was the only child, no sibling. That’s why, she was raised as a princess by her parents with all demands fulfilled, raised with good values and a strong personality. She had completed her schooling with flying colors. Had got the coolest and happening circle at school. She was also active at extra-curricular activities. She was the lead singer of her school band. She loved dancing too. She had a perfect school life, what most of the children die for. Her parents were also open-minded, quite frank. She would frequently invite her friends at her pad to interact with her parents.

Her thirst for dancing grew more when she entered into the college. She was good at both classical and western dance forms. She was a hot, sexy girl with a perfect figure that any guy could wish for. But the worst part was that she had never had a boyfriend in her life. She was approached by quite a number of guys, but she never game them a chance as she believed in destiny. She believed that whosoever will be Mr. Right for her; would come to her by himself and she would not have to look out for him. She was the life of any party; whether be at home or be with friends.

One day, while hanging out with her friends at a market near her home; a guy came in front of her and mistakenly, spilled his coffee on her dress. She got very angry and started yelling like a mad cow. 😉

It was because the dress had been gifted to her by her dad on her 21st birthday and it was very dear to her. The guy was just so confused; he could not even utter a word. It seemed as if Sana had stitched his mouth with the thread of her words. He could not stop himself and said, “OMG! You are damn hot, super pretty and cute. I am in love with you.”

And what did he say?

Sana was stumped. For the first time in her life, she was complemented as such and could not say anything after that. She just ran away and went to her home.

The guy was none other than Rohan. Sana was his first crush and he had always dreamt of her. She didn’t know this but he knew everything about her. Her likes, dislikes; everything. He went home and again started thinking about her. But what new had happened was that Sana was also thinking about him. For the first time ever, she went in front of mirror to look at herself with so much concentration and asking herself,” What that guy said was really true? Am I cute?” and then blushed.


The next day, they again met, exchanged sights and went away. This happened for some days until Rohan asked Sana out for a coffee and surprisingly she said yes. On the coffee date, he told her that how he had been admiring her for the last 10 years but could never approach her. He just waited to be able to become of her type. She couldn’t believe her eyes and ears when he knelt down to propose her to be his girlfriend.

To much of his amazement, she said yes. When he asked why, she said,” When you complemented me, I for the first time looked at myself closely to check whether I am really cute. I have got many compliments but not the one like yours. If any guy could make me so crazy, then he must be Mr. Perfect for me. Right!”

Months passed by, years gone and their love just grew and grew. On their 4th anniversary, Sana had some wonderful plan for Rohan. She had recollected all their lovely moments and combined them into a video. Then, she knelt down and proposed to her,” Will you give me your surname?” And he said yes.

This was such a cute proposal from her side.

They got hitched. Had their two lovely, cute, little kids named Ruhani (named after Rohan) and Sohan (named after Sana). Became grandparents and then died. Even death could not set them apart. They died on the same day, with only a difference of few minutes. Even their graves were also dug side by side with “love you forever” engraved on them.

This shows that love doesn’t see whether a girl proposes or a boy. What matters is that how you express your love and how much you feel for them.