Gabriel, an ordinary guy with a longing-filled heart, happened across a secret world where night animals prowled in continuous darkness. There he found her once, Serena, in this strange realm, an alluring and ethereal beauty, a vampire whose longevity stood in stark contrast to Gabriel’s transitory human existence.

Their encounter was a clash of two worlds, and they instantly and undeniably connected. Gabriel saw a depth of need and an endless thirst for love in Serena’s stunningly alluring eyes that mirrored his own. A flame that flared brighter than the moon above was ignited by the forbidden attraction of their relationship, which surged through their veins. But the world they lived in was filled with suffering and hopelessness. Serena was constrained by her vampire nature, doomed to perpetual gloom and ravenous for the red elixir of life. She struggled with her cravings as she tried to reconcile her developing love for Gabriel with her growing hunger. She found refuge from the frightening demons that tortured her immortal soul in his arms.

Their relationship was a secretive dance always pursued by the ghost of death. Gabriel knew of the striking contrast between Serena’s everlasting soul and frail human existence. They were constantly reminded of how transitory their love was in the grand scheme of things by the relentless passage of time. Their link became deeper even as the walls encircled them as the moon faded and the world continued to revolve in a never-ending cycle of day and night. When the vampire council, who uphold an unforgiving law, learned of their illicit relationship, they let out wrath that rocked the fragile bliss that had been built up between them.

Gabriel and Serena formed a contract at their lowest points in a last-ditch effort to elude fate. They intended to emigrate to a remote location so that their love might flourish and they could create a haven away from the prying eyes and criticism of the outside world. But cruel and inexorable destiny had other ideas. As Gabriel and Serena stood on the brink of freedom on the eve of their departure, tragedy struck with brutal ferocity. The vampire council pounced upon them, determined to establish order. In a cruel turn of events, Gabriel bravely defended Serena from the attack, giving up his life to save the person he loved. Serena cried out mournfully as Gabriel’s life drained from his human form, and the sound reverberated throughout the night, tearing at the fabric of their interwoven souls. She hugged his dying corpse with a broken heart, knowing she would have to live without the person who had brought her out of the shadows.

Serena’s life changed forever at that point and became a lonely dance of unending pain. She was a broken immortal, plagued by the thought of her lover Gabriel.