Day 1

Their first day in the valley began really early like 5 am when according to rituals all the villagers gathered to hear the story of the holy festival Dussherra from their elders, all the turns, and points in the story were accompanied by the playing of drums and traditional dance performances which woke up the family who were not able to sleep even for five hours. With heavy head and eyes, they all tried to go back to sleep which seemed to be with the villagers listening to the tale as well. So they gave up and decided to get ready and enjoy their day. Once they all got ready which was around nine am it was the time to explore the wonderful location and capture photographs in their minds as well as cameras to be re – viewed later. Letting in fresh oxygen of the mountains is what they did all day long while enjoying the happenings of the festival which ended with the setting of ‘ravan’ and his brothers on fire.

Day 2

This was the day when they all got enough hours of sleep to cover up their fatigue and woke up around midday totally fresh. The valley was once again silent after all the events. They had a look at their itinerary which had sub – divided sections of places to visit in and around the valley under the respective dates of their journey. This was the day when they visited the Tobo Monastery, Dhankar Monastery and Dhankar Lake which was near the monastery itself. All the places were mesmerizing and gave peace to their minds as well as soul especially the Buddhist rituals that they performed with the help of a monk.

Day 3

This day resulted out to be a travel day which included traveling to nearby locations within the 30 km radius of the valley. The time spent together not only increased the bonding between the family but also got them to understand each other better. They explored all the famous tourist destinations like Suraj Tal lake, Pin Valley National Park, Key Monastery and what not and each location was capable of taking their breath away. A little detour to the Kunzum Pass (41 km from the valley) was mutually decided. Overall the day was a successful one.

Day 4

This was the last day when they were in the valley as the fifth day was the one on which they were supposed to depart and head back to the city to join their respective rat races again. They weren’t happy on this day thinking about tomorrow when they have to go back but there was nothing that could be done as Abhay had an important meeting the day after. So keeping aside all the grievances they decided to make the most out of the day and ran to the terrace of the hotel with a chair each and sat. All day long they sat on the terrace and enjoyed the beautiful sunset and witnessed snowfall which later continued all night long.