Letter Number Three is here! 


Letter Number 3 – November 2015

Dear Ryder,

It’s raining today. It’s a mess outside. But the only good thing about the day is that school got cancelled and it’s a Friday. So I’ll have an extra day for my weekend plans. Not that those plans are grand or anything. Just me, my bed, food and Netflix. Sound’s exciting right?

Mom and Dad are on one of their business trips so I’m on my own for these three days. They left last night after asking me, a million times, to come with them. You see, they don’t want to leave me alone much. I’ll tell you why, but in the end. So anyway, after the ‘Incident’ they like it if I’m within their eyesight.  But I didn’t want to go with them. It would be extremely boring. At home, even though I’m alone, I at least have my laptop, my T.V and lots and lots of books! Also, once the rains subsides, I am planning to visit the Ice-cream parlour. My favourite flavour is Chocolate by the way.

I know yours though. It’s mint Choco Chip right? Don’t worry, I didn’t stalk you all the way to the Ice-cream parlour.

I just happened to be passing by one day when you were walking home with you little brother and he wanted to know which flavour you would have liked to have, if Santa Claus wanted to give you a bucket of ice-cream. No, you didn’t see me then. You were busy talking to him. You had laughed that day. And you know what? That was the first time I heard you laugh like that.

You should do it more often. Laugh and smile, I mean. Your eyes light up when you smile and you look happier. You look handsome with a smile. Oops, I wasn’t supposed to say that. I mean not that you don’t look handsome always. Uh. Sorry. I’m rambling. Ignore this. This is one of the only disadvantages of my letter therapy. I cannot strike out or take back words I’ve written. My doctor repeatedly asked me not to do that and that is just unfair!

Anyway, back to the present. Remember the nightmares I told you about? They’ve stopped completely. You already know that you are the reason why they stopped and I want to thank you for it. I really do. I needed proper sleep. It makes my days much better. I feel happier now. My parents seem to be pleased as well. But that doesn’t mean I’ve healed completely. But I will, I’m sure. Hope is all I have, right?

Could you remember that day in the Library yet? If you haven’t, no need to worry. They’ll be plenty of other clues to figure out my identity. Don’t stress over it. Let’s move on. Do you want to know what else I know about you? I know one of your biggest secrets Ryder. I’m sure you’re having a mini heart attack now, but I couldn’t hold it in anymore. So here it is.


I know you like Carol Winters. A lot.

Want to know how? Well it’s not that difficult to figure it out. The way you look at her when you think no one is paying attention, the way your head snaps up when someone mentions her name and the way you sketch her portrait secretly in the library, all point to the same thing. That you really like her. What?

You thought I wouldn’t recognise her? Well I didn’t when I saw you sketching that portrait, but a few days after that I had been sitting beside Carol in class and her eyes reminded me of your sketch and I knew it was her right then.

She’s a nice girl. You should ask her out sometime. I’m sure she wouldn’t turn you down. You might not know it, but you have quite the female fan following mister.

I’m not joking! I swear!

I could give you a whole list of girls crushing on you! You’re smiling right? Right? I knew it! It’s good. Don’t worry. It’s not often that you smile. Okay enough of that.

So do you want to murder me or slit my throat because I found out your deepest darkest secret? If so, let me know. When you finally find out who I am I have to come armed with precautionary measures. I don’t want to die on our first meeting. Well, technically it isn’t the first. But whatever.

Now that we are already on the subject of killing let me tell you my third problem. After the ‘Incident’ I have tried to kill myself. Numerous times. But I failed every time. My parents saved me. Every single time. Then they took me to a psychiatrist. But unlike other people, I actually liked my doctor. She helped me a lot and thankfully, now those urges to hurt myself or end my life have almost completely disappeared. This is the reason why my parents are reluctant to leave me alone these days. They’re scared of what I might do. Shocked? I know. Everyone is when they find out.

But now I’m better. Really. But those sudden bouts of depression still come. But I’m trying hard to get rid of those. I will win over them. Very soon. Did I put you in a bad mood? Sorry. I have to confess. Don’t be sad okay? I am getting better and you’re helping. It’s because of my improvement that my parents allowed me to stay home alone. It’s really great. They’re starting to trust me again.

Oh! Look at the time! I have to cook lunch. I need to end the letter now.

So are you ready for confession number three Mr. West?

Remember that Diner you go to? I know it’s your favourite. How? Because I work there.

Have a happy weekend!

With Love

Letter Friend

This letter had a photograph of him sitting in his favourite booth, nose deep into a book and a smoothie by his side.