As the transition from night to day unfolded, Miya’s comprehension of the situation deepened. Positioned beside the windowsill, she sat immersed in examining the evidence, meticulously sifting through the details, attempting to unravel the perplexing puzzle of her recent failure. Raindrops cascaded onto the windowsill seven floors below, while the bustling borough of Brooklyn shimmered with its vibrant energy. Normally, Miya relished this kind of weather, but on that particular day, her emotional state was far from receptive.

Miya Perez, a knowledgeable and accomplished lawyer, had previously worked at the esteemed Brooklyn Criminal Defense Law Firm. Currently, she and her husband, Noah Perez, were collaborating on a high-profile case, defending a businessman named Tony Garcia against charges of murdering his son, Martin.

Noah and Miya had been married for seven years, embodying the epitome of an idyllic couple, reminiscent of those found in clichéd Hollywood romance films. They had been sweethearts throughout their high school years and even attended law school together. The Tony Garcia murder case marked their first joint legal endeavor.

However, the recent court hearing was a complete disaster. Each point raised by Miya’s team was skillfully countered by the opposing lawyers working against Mr. Garcia. Such a meticulous and effective opposition was far from normal, leading Miya to suspect that someone had leaked their defense strategy. Though only Noah and Miya were privy to the details of their plan, she couldn’t help but contemplate who among them had betrayed their trust.

Every encounter she had experienced played over and over in her mind. “It couldn’t be Noah, obviously,” she whispered to herself, guided by the affectionate whispers of her heart. The lover in her said that it couldn’t be Noah, however, the lawyer in her knew the bitter truth.