This is a hear touching story which shows that a mother’s love is eternal and she is just concerned about the well being of her child. 


24th December, 2012

1:00 pm, Alaska

It was Christmas time. Markets were full of colorful light, glitter all around, shiny Christmas trees with sparkle sprinkled. Hustle-bustle all around in the market. Shops are full with customers; people are buying presents to gift their friends, relatives and loved ones. Everything seems great.

There is white snow all around…on roads, covering trees, snow-covered mountain peaks. Cold wind is
blowing and setting a festive mood for the people. Everyone seems to be happy, in a festive mood.

But there is one house where there is darkness only. No lights, no decorated Christmas trees, snow is there outside the house covering trees; but it seems as if it is also sad.

In that house, there is a child, Allen Smith, 12…sitting all alone with big tears rolling down his chubby, puffy cheeks. His eyes are wet. He doesn’t seem to be in a mood of celebrating Christmas. His parents are sitting outside in the drawing room and discussing something.

Mrs. Smith,”Rob, what should we do? Our son is not happy at all. We have to do something. I can’t see my son like that. Everyone is happy around, but he is not”.

Mr. Smith, “I know, but you know the reason behind his sadness”.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith recall that dark day of 12th November, 2011 when Mrs. Smith was diagnosed with

cancer, third stage cancer and that too incurable. Doctors had said that she would live maximum 1 year. That 1year had completed but there is no surety that when she will just leave her family. Her son knows that her mother won’t live too long and that it might be her last Christmas with the family.

Mrs. Smith goes to the kitchen and Mr. Smith goes to her son’s room and says:

“My son, God gives life and only he has the right to take it back. No one of us knows when your mother
will go to him, no one can tell. We all know (including her) that nothing can save her. Only prayers can
save her. But just by relying on prayers, we can’t let her live like this. She wants you to be happy. You are
his life. If you really want to let her live her last days with utmost happiness, then buck up. Smile, wipe off
your tears and make her happy. If you will live happily, then your mother too will be relieved.”

These golden words by his father gave the 12 years old Allen so much of strength that he decided that he will keep his sadness and tears at bay and will make his mom happy.


He along with his father went to the market… bought decorative lights, flowers and a nice Christmas
tree to decorate home. He with the help of his father, sent invites to all their friends…Family members
and loved ones.

Mrs. Smith was really happy to see her family smiling. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Then Allen came and said, “Don’t cry mom. We all are with you. You just be happy. Enjoy this s festival and remember Lord Christ. He will cure everything.”

It seems as if Allen had become his mother’s strength.

The next day, 25th December, it was the birthday of Lord Christ. Christmas rang into everyone’s home and so into Allen’s too. First they went to the church to offer prayers and see the mass.


After coming home, they had a nice lunch planned for Mrs. Smith with all her favorite dishes lined up.

Her favorite chocolate truffle cake was prepared by Allen and Mr. Smith the night before when everyone
was sleeping and her mother ,due to being on high medication, didn’t knew what was happening. They
had their lunch.

The lunch was just finished and the door bell rang. Mrs. Smith opened the door and was delighted to see her friends, her parents, brother-sister and near and dear ones outside.  She could not believe her eyes. It was a huge surprise for her. Everyone was happy, smiling, exchanging gifts.

Allen had his friends on board to decorate the Christmas tree. Everyone was just so happy. It was all because of Allen. No one had even a drop of tears in their eyes as Allen had written a very heart-
touching line in his invite:

“It might be my mom’s last Christmas; she might not be with us the next yr. I can’t see her sad. So kindly, don’t cry in front of her and discuss about her illness. If she will be happy, then God will not take her with him seeing the courage with which she is fighting.


Merry Christmas to everyone.”

Evening came and lights were turned on. The whole house was lit bright with lights, but the main thing with lighted the house was a smile on Mrs. Smith’s face. Everyone wished each other merry Christmas, exchanged gifts and had a family dinner. Pictures were clicked to capture those moments.

It was a day well spent. Everything was done as planned. Guests left, all mess cleaned and days passed

On 23rd Jan, 2013…the mishappening occurred which had haunted everyone’s hearts and mind. Mrs.
Smith left the earthy planet to go to the Heaven. Allen and family performed the last rites. Her grave
had her son’s name engraved on it as per her last wish. The next day, Allen bought some lilies, her
favorite flowers and went to her grave. Just put it on her grave, talked a bit and then left in tears.

His school had started; he was going to have exams the very next week. Being a bright child, everyone was full of expectations but he could not distract his mind from his mom. Then his father gave him a letter being given to him by his wife for their beloved son. It read:

“Your father must have given it to you before exams as I know; I must have gone to give you this letter. You have to study a lot, you have to become a very wealthy person and help those who die with this disease every year so that they don’t lose their loved ones like you lost me.

Love you and God bless you.”

He then fulfilled his mother’s wish, studied hard, excelled in education and when he got his first pay

cheque; he donated a part of it to a cancer Organization meant to help people with cancer treatments.


That day, he looked up above the sky and told his mom; who had become a star:

“Mom, your wish has been fulfilled. Now, no one will lose their near and dear ones to cancer. Love you mom and miss you a lot”. ☺