This is a story of a 12-year-old boy Pulkkit who was abducted from his school in broad daylight by two men in a car. The boy was extremely smart and left trails and clues for the police and his parents at every corner of the kidnapping and was found by the police in the end.

Pulkkit is a normal boy who belonged to an affluent family and is currently studying in the eighth standard of his school. His parents, as well as teachers, are quite happy for him as he is a boy of above-average intelligence and scores well in all his exams and tests, plus he also takes part in school’s extracurricular activities as well. Overall he is an all round child.

That day too he woke up early, as usual, got ready and headed out for school on his bicycle which he used to do every single day. But this time one thing changed. There were two men staring at him from a car parked at a distance from the school building. Every day they would be present to observe him till school and would vanish after that. And one day when Pulkkit was about to reach the school, the men came out and abducted him from his bicycle leaving the bicycle on the road.

When the child did not reach the school, the parents received an SMS of absentees (this was quite normal and they would receive an SMS every day confirming the presence or absentees). This news spread a layer of tension and confusion in the minds of the parents as according to them Pulkkit went to school. They called almost everybody related to him to confirm about the event but did not receive any positive answer.

As the tension grew, they both decided to go through the path through which their child would reach school every day. What they saw really left them speechless, Pulkkit’s cycle was lying on the road beside his school bag and water bottle with the marks of a fast braking car on the road. They knew exactly what had happened and even found out a potential reason which was his father who was a big industrialist and was featured in the Forbes list among the top 10 rich industrialists. They were clear that the kidnapping happened due to the money factor. But they were not sure as there was no note to be found.

In response, the first thing that they did was to inform the police and instructed them to work off uniform as well as in secrecy as the kidnapper will not like the involvement of the police and may harm the child. The second thing was to send the backpack and other things found on the crime spot to the lab to test the fingerprints etc in the hope to find any clue that can give them a lead so that the case moves ahead and dos not standstill. But what they could do now was to wait. Wait for the kidnapper’s call, wait for the lab test results. This was the hard part.