As to relax a while after studying a series of short stories I started to peep out of my window in the hostel room my eyes were pleased and relaxed to see the green world. At a visible distance located is the Velliangiri hill whose foot is covered as a whole by the garden of coconut trees. This scenery is followed by the main road with local busses and villagers riding their two wheelers with a bunch of load at the back seat, then comes the green covered agricultural land with a small beautiful farm house present in the middle followed by the great wall which separated the college hostel and the outer world and then it is me behind the iron bars of my window in the third floor peeping into to enjoy this whole view.

On the other hand I was really astonished to see the lessons taught to us by our own eye sight. The great majestic mountain appears to be as same as my own height and I look down on that tall grown coconut trees .All this is because they are situated at a long distance so they appear to be small. Neurons of my brain shocked me saying that why don’t you keep the problems of your life in such a distance and look unto it so they become so small for you to worry about it. That Eureka moment bought a smile in my lips. Why not these facts strike me till now. For the past two weeks my mind and heart was struck weeping for an incident .My very close friend but we got apart a couple of months back as I reached the saturation level of tolerance of her non compromising attitude. But neither I wept for her nor I disturbed her after that incident and went back to the routine with my other classmates but still I don’t understand how come she let the development of evil thought of jealousy into her mind .

She lost control over it and went up to the extent to destroy my projects, models and so on in my absence .Totally shocked by her act as it was the first experience in my whole life. I was totally broken by heart. I did never utter a word against her as I understood that she had let her evil thoughts to take control over her. But still not able to digest the incidents my heart feels disturbed all the time.

To divert myself I read stories and this was the time I peeped out of my window and understood the way at which we should look at our life. Life is commonly referred to the signals in electro-cardiogram .If we do not have ups and downs then life cannot exist. We can’t lead a life which is always filled with happiness or on the other hand we cannot travel only in blues. Whatever the situation is, life has to go on. Do not feel bad for what people have done for you. Be thankful to their act because they have shown you what the world is. Never take any problem till your heart and worry on that, even the majestic mountains and the tall coconut trees appear small when seen from a large distance. Apply the same in your life.