A place far away from the pollution, irritating and chaotic hustle bustle of life. Paradise of beauty, purity and peace lies right here; pure, pristine nature reigns supreme. Green undulating pastures and meadows of greens and crops; woods, arbors, orchards, vineyards stretch for miles all around. 

Dawn of the day, and here we see the first glimpse of Rizwan, Kapil, Sushma, Monty, Tinku & Minku, Zoya, Sarpanch, Mukhiya and many other residents of the Pratapgarh village, assembling near the oldest well of the town to look upon the matter that has created a hindrance in the peace of the first sunlight.

 A mentor and his disciple sitting on the muddy ground, discussing the brutalities, realities and unheard truths of life. Disciple asking about the shortcuts and a straight way of heading towards the path of success. 

Mentor laughs and says;” you really think there’s a shortcut to success….hahahhahaa, funny though”. 

Aarya interferes the communication and ask the mentor ,”what’s so funny in his question?” “There would be any path or any shortcut that many of us don’t know and are willing to know” she adds.

Mentor takes a sigh of relief and with a little pause answers,” nothing can be won through a shortcut.”

He further explains by saying ” a little, hungry kid returning from school sees an apple tree on the way to his house, which is quite distant from the school. He moves towards the tree and wishes to eat those big red apples. He stretches his short arm, jumps to pluck it and after several tries wins in getting the apples. But to his distress, the gardener saw him doing this, runs towards him and beats him with his stick. Tears keep rolling out from the kid’s eyes”. Disciple and the rest of the people who were carefully listening yawns and ask what did he mean from all this. 

The mentor explains that the kid’s eyes saw the apples, greed or hunger made him to move towards it, his arms pulled the apples and his mouth ate them with joy and yumminess. Later, he gets beaten by stick on his back which had no role in the whole process, tears roll out from his eyes (which eventually were the reason of his deed). 

This is the ‘Cycle Of Life’. Nothing comes with a shortcut, one has to move his whole body to achieve success or what he wants and this comes with a lot of hurdles, realities, problems and hard work.  Everything comes with a cost of pain and rigorous efforts.

 ‘As we sow, so shall we reap’.

“And cut….”, says the director, who was shooting the final part of his film ‘KARMA’.

“Pack up”.