Once, there was a big garden near the small town. Garden was looked after by a young gardener. Daily, used to water the plants and trees. One day, the gardener saw that one tree was dying. So, he planned to cut down that tree.

Next day, he came with an axe near the tree. When the gardener was about to cut the tree, he saw that many birds had made their nests on the branches of that tree. He did not bother about the nests. He started cutting the tree. A bird came out of the nest and said, “Sir! I have laid my eggs. This is my house. Please do not cut this tree.” The gardener ignored her request and continued with his work. Many other birds also came to him and requested him, but he ignored all the requests.

While cutting the tree, suddenly his axe struck a honeycomb which was on the back side of that tree. The bees attacked the gardener. He started running and the bees were also running after the gardener. Suddenly he saw a pond and he jumped into the water. The bees could not spot him and went back to the tree. Then the gardener thought that it is true that some people do not listen to requests but they do understand the language of blows. Then he gave up the idea of cutting the tree. And get that taste of his Karma.