You all must have heard of the phrase “Karma is a bitch”, well bitterly enough yet truthfully it is. Many of us have lost our faith in humanity and good people, people may not care about you, they may deceive you or they might do something worst to you out of their insecurity. 

In 20 years of my crazy life; I faced many deceptions and targeting, Majority of them were from my friends and teachers in school. For instance, you can move on from the betrayal by your friend, but it is not easy to not be affected by your teacher’s bullying and targeting. I remember vividly how my teachers would coax my parents into believing that I am mentally unfit for not scoring well in Academics. Well as for me I was more inclined toward creativity; taekwondo, painting, and games all interested me, and language has always been my strength.

 How can an individual be considered Sharp in a world whose criteria for intelligence were based on nothing more than Maths and Science? Yes, I had different Interests, Yes I never excelled in Formal science, Does that define my capabilities? or does it make me any less sane? Was it too bad of a deed to be different from my classmates that every time whenever I had a decent trustworthy friend in middle school, My teachers coaxed their parents, cooking up fake stories about me and ultimately isolating me? The mental trauma was so immense, it pushed me towards some great deal of anxiety, I was stress eating, Puking out of fear. For the teachers, it may have been fun but for a growing child, it was a hell of a second home.

 I am finally happy after graduating from a jail-like place called a school, I am free and confident, I learned how to take a stand for myself, and my parents are happy seeing me happy, although I graduated during the times of Covid 19 without a proper farewell, I am just content to finally leave that place, and as for those who bullied me, they received their Karma, they were either struck by ill health or kicked out of the organization for unknown reasons. I wished to confront them or call them out after my graduation but sometimes peace and silence are all it is and as for their bad deeds Karma never spared them. Even if I decide to walk silently, Karma comes to them, one way or the other and that is the true power of Karma.