It’s a story of person who has to go through a mysterious journey to find out what’s wrong with Amay. Let’s start discovering.


6 August 2016

Today is the day of twins and the mystery day of my life. It is quite normal till I met the person who makes me feel ‘do my journey go in vain’? It is not a story of a person, it is totally about a diary. A lost Diary.

Morning Coffee is as usual on my Bed and there is someone shouting so fiercely that I at once wake up and see that there is Nistha shouting on milkman (doodhwala). After it was all over Nistha see me and say sorry.

‘Sorry, Bawa.’ Nistha feels sorry.

‘What Happens? ’

‘Nothing Much. You know it’s your coffee time and this milkman is coming so late. ’

‘Awww! My Baby. Thank You for being with me. Love you.’

‘Love you too.’

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door and my phone rings. I ask Nistha to open the door and I receive that Call. As call disconnected, I ask Nistha who was there. She gives me an envelope and goes in Kitchen. I take that envelope and see that there is no address of sender, there is just written 23, Indra Colony, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan. This is just my address, no other information on the envelope. I open the envelope to check out what is there in it. There is a letter inside it and I am just about to read this letter. Then, there is a sudden shouting from outside. Someone is calling my name so I move out of doors to see who is there?

‘Anikshey, Can’t you listen Beta? I am shouting from about 15 minutes and you have no senses for that. ’ Mishra Uncle says.

‘Sorry Uncle I can’t listen. I was busy somewhere. What is the matter? ’

‘There was a Parcel Boy with a parcel and he put it on your door as you didn’t listen. ’

I thank Uncle and come back inside. I put that parcel aside and start reading letter.


The Letter.


23 July 2010

Yes, it is our day. We both are living very happily together and enjoying our birthday at the best. I am 23 years old and he is too the same as me 23 years old. We love to be with each other and remain fighting each and every moment. Still, we are life for each other.

I am quite happy that he is enjoying the party too much. It is awkward to say that enjoying the party as everybody do that? Then, why won’t he?   I am happy due to his happiness. It is not that easy you remain happy even after breakup from a serious relationship. Yet, he is overcoming and that’s not only good for him and it’s for us too. He has never even told me about that girl and even I have never asked him.

I write letters on every birthday and if you are reading this letter then, there is something serious. If you think that this letter is for you then, you are wrong. It will also be proved later. Let’s find out what is wrong. But, how will you find that what is wrong?

Only a single hint and that is me and my brother are no more in contact. So, what you are going to do? Any plans? You should help us to find out what is really wrong because this will really help you even to realize what you are? I can’t do it on my own that’s why I want your help and I assure I will be with you in the whole journey and will help you too. Wish you a good luck for journey.

Thank You.



What should I do? Any Idea Anikshey. This is total thought going inside my mind. Let’s Plan to do something.

No Plans and still a confusion…

Honestly saying, I don’t know what to do with this letter. Nistha asks what that letter is about. I don’t speak a single word and moves in my bedroom. She is shouting there but I don’t utter a single word. I just ask her to leave as I want to stay alone. She murmurs something and just moves away. I have one parcel and a letter in my hand. I have read the letter and what about parcel. What is there in it? I open the parcel and there is a diary in it. I have no plans and nothing. I just open the diary and on opening the diary I see a note written and that is are you really going for it?

No, I am not ready for it and put it aside again. I move outside and see she is crying. I walk up to her.

‘What happens Baby?’

‘I don’t want to talk you. Just move away.’ she says.

‘Please listen to me. I just want to tell you what is going.’

‘No, I don’t want to listen any bullshit of you.’

‘Ok, Whatever. At least let’s go inside. ’        

I move towards my bedroom. She holds my hand and start crying. I just move towards her and hug her. I hug her tightly and hold her hand. I put my lips on her neck and she starts to moan slowly. I put my lips on her lips and started to kiss her slowly and she is moaning. Now, she is totally becoming seductive and after that we make out. After make out we lay down on the bed. She is staring me and I love her for that. We both are happy but there is a still a thought moving around my mind. I am thinking, Why only me? Why anybody else didn’t get that letter? There is a voice saying something to me and I listen it.

‘Destiny decides you.’ She says.


‘Destiny decides you.’

‘Have I murmured something?’

‘You have murmured everything and I understood everything’

‘Anyhow, now you understand. Thank you for that. I love you.’

‘Aww, Love you too.’

‘O, my lovely Baby.’

The story doesn’t end here. How Anikshey will go through the mystery he has in his hands? The diary and the letter. What plans are there in his minds? Wait for part 2 to discover the mystery.