And all of a sudden, the room was filled with tiny droplets of water, only to realize that they were teardrops of actual humans. I looked at the ceiling and saw Jafratus sticking to the roof, crying silently. I couldn’t help but fly toward him, so I did and kept my hand on his head and asked what was wrong. The moment I touched Jafratus, he vanished away. I looked for him everywhere but couldn’t find him. Knowing he had gone forever was gut-wrenching, but I didn’t want to give up. I flew to Lady Orion Lake.

It all started that day when I was chasing a kidnapper near Lady Orion Lake. He kidnapped my grandmother for powers since she was half-mortal and had the powers of a god, and sacrificing her to a deity would make the kidnapper receive all her powers as he who sacrifices her acquires all her might. I was seven back then and had no idea what was going on. I just saw someone maltreating my grandmother, and I got scared, so I screamed so loudly and fiercely that fire came out of my throat. I couldn’t comprehend that I could emit fire, but I seized that opportunity and burnt them. They were all perplexed about how a child could make fire, but they were so petrified to retaliate that they ran away. My grandmother came towards me and hugged me tightly and wept. She was crying not because she was being kidnapped but because the time had come when I was to be taught about the powers that I possess.

While making supper, my grandmother told me that my father used to be a dragon slayer when he met my mother, who was half mortal and half dragon. She had a magical persona that bewitched my father, and that’s how I was born. I was astonished but also shocked to hear all of that. It was too much to gather. I composed myself and asked Grandma, “Granny, am I a dragon?”

Grandma laughed and ruffled my hair. She said, “Son, you’re a beautiful human being who possesses powers that of a dragon, but you must know that great power comes with great responsibility, so you must never use these precious powers against the weak people or those who are harmless.”

I nodded and smiled. I kept on looking at the bowl of soup. It looked tasty but I had no appetite. I had other plans. I took a spoonful of soup and put it in my mouth, and the moment I did that, I started floating in the air. I started panicking because I couldn’t understand what was happening, so I asked my grandmother if the soup was jinxed. She said, “The soup brings out your abilities and helps you understand them better for its magical potion base. You have the powers of a dragon that lets you emit fire and fly.”

I sigh in relief and end up burning the wall because I’m partially a dragon after all, and that’s how I realized I’m a supernatural being.

Jafratus was the person who kidnapped my grandmother because he knew the powers she had, and he also knew that kidnapping her would pave a path for him toward me so that he could capture me and take away all the powers that I had by sacrificing me. The plan didn’t work because it turned out that Jafratus was my long-lost brother who had always protected me. The sole reason why he wanted to sacrifice me was that he could see the future as he was also a fortune teller and knew that offering me would turn me into a complete mortal being, which would prevent me from getting into trouble because of my dragon senses. I couldn’t understand that, and I ended up hurting him. Now that I saw him in tears and was drenched in their wetness, I couldn’t help but feel remorse. Perhaps, that’s what happens when you achieve powers. In the guise of conquering the world, you sometimes forget the things that are essential for you, and the people who are dear to you often are the ones who are the reason for your downfall. If only I knew how bad of a person grandmother was that she wanted me to have all those powers to use me against the world, I would never have given myself to her. NEVER!!