Kizie, wasn’t just any girl. She was a ray of hope in a world full of darkness, she was a daydream full of light. She was prettier than the moon and her smile, her smile was brighter than the sun. She was everything. Her entire personality was based on books, coffee shops, and sunsets. She was straight outta Pinterest. She used to run away from problems, from people and conversations. She never answered the phone and used to leave texts on seen. She wasn’t the villain. She had her demons. She has never been able to express herself, her feelings, or her emotions.

She always dreamt of her Mr. Right and yet avoided the opposite gender because of social anxiety. She met many guys but no one felt right because of her high standards. It’s not like that, it’s not always the guy’s fault, maybe the problem was with Kizie. “It’s not you, it’s me,” “Maybe we weren’t meant to be together,” “Believe me it’s for the best” she used to say. It wasn’t her fault either, she had issues of her own. She used to think she was a green flag but she wasn’t. She was carefree and clumsy. She never felt attractive in her own skin, yet she was the most beautiful girl alive. She loved Taylor Swift and fictional men perhaps this is why her standards were a lil too high.

Whatever it is, she is trying to figure everything out and trying to fix herself. She wants to be better, better than she was yesterday. And, she’s gonna make it no matter how hard it is, not because she knows all the escape mechanisms but because she is strong, strong enough to handle herself and her responsibilities. And whoever tried to pull her down is gonna regret it. Lastly, it’s not you, it’s her it’s always been her.