Life is of love, but few weren’t deserved to live with the love they imagined of. Sometimes it ends with the phase of void. May be life isn’t for everyone is the line I can use as a one-line story.


That was a halloween week, dressing up game was on and we were searching for a good theme on clothing. Though we had few good vintage clothing stores in our town, it was still tedious to be that good with unique style.

I preferred for punk rock, and that is quite obvious way a girl of eighteen could think of. So I went on searching for harsh colors that will affect the minds of people. I decided to wear a tight purple leaves printed jean and dark blue tank and to add upon a leopard printed jacket (one of my mom’s favorite). So, now clothing seems to be okay, I need to set up accessories to the style I’m going to adapt.

Hair dressing plays a major role on halloween days. Setting up the hair style, though interesting part, a heavy hardwork, do workout well. I was still playing with confusion part.

“A Marlyn style wig will go better”, mom yelled from the kitchen.

“Jen, Why can’t a MJ? So you can match up with newly bought golden guitar printed shoes!”, Dad suggested.

Though I wear jean and tank, I still liked to be in a girlish style, not the Tom boy else. A black with pink will go well, deep mind said. I went on artificial attachment to the my hair with pink, and too I have the brown hairs by nature, curly with the dark ends.

Jim didn’t say anything yet, what he is doing for the halloween night. I have planned everything though, Aunt Alice is giving the thanksgiving party this sunday, and I have invited Jim too, so after our halloween part at the pub we’ll straightaway join with Aunt Alice and my family.

Two days flew away and the halloween nights for younger have been over, my twin sisters of age eight had dressed like with shit emoji and the other with brown rock like. I knew it rather it must be my dad’s blunt idea. Yeah, he gives away very blunt idea when he is with a cigarette.

I was ready for the party, and before I was ready up for the pub. I was on with my halloween costumes. It was 8 by night, and this is the time where Jim said me he’ll be here to pick me up, and he didn’t still. I tried him calling, but no response. So I drove my car to the pub and I found him nowhere.

Where is he? I searched everywhere, but I could figure him nowhere. Again I ringed, no response. A buster of anger, I really symbolized the red anger face as on mobile emoji.

I later piled my anger and waited with patience for him. It has turned 10 by now, nowhere, and no more I can be here, as people were leaving the pub. Tears came along the way, angry departed so long. Has he forgotten? else he doesn’t want to spend time with me? He stopped loving, So is he hating me now? Alter ego pushed me down with hell lot of questions. I didn’t had a solid answer though. Its a 15 mins drive to Aunt Alice’s home, as its the over night party, it starts by 10’o clock. I am already late though, though I am not bothered about it the way.

It was Taylor Swift’s song “You Belong With Me” playing on Car FM. Tears were welling up. Somehow, I managed to put up a smile.

I parked my car outside and was waiting for someone to open the door. I went with the flowers someone gave me at the pub. And I noticed there was no sound inside, I knocked again. The street lights went off and a sudden bang.

I cried almost, it was Jim. I was anger on him, I was too anger on him, yet I loved him the most. He was looking into my eyes and I was too. He said something through his eyes, by this while, I forget to watch outside, I had all my family members and friends rounding up. I was confused.

It was the same “You Belong With Me” played loud and I saw mom and dad were clapping their hands with huge laughter, even Aunt Alice did. That time was it, Jim went on knees and gave me the guitar I wished saying, “As this music with your life, Can I take a part?”

OMG, this is a family proposal? My mom tuned the song to Ellie Goudling’s “Love Me Like You Do”, is she saying to say yes? But I was anger on him, dad understood that and he said, “We gave that clue with the bunch of flowers, you didn’t see that note on it?”. I rushed to see it, “You Belong With Me” was written on it with the signature of Jim.

I was with wide-opened eyes, awestruck. Jim took my hands and wore a ring and kissed it. I found my twin sisters saying, “He made it” closing their eyes tight. I waited for my mom and dad’s sign, it was yes with their high eyebrows. I hugged him tight, and thereon the party was on, and everyone was happy with “Us”. We danced together merrily.

Its all like yesterday and years have run and life took the shore off the sail, sail of smile, sail of happiness and shore of pain. May be that, I wouldn’t deserve for life of happiness. Jim and I were married two years before and It has been a year he left me.

It has been only happiness he showed me, we lived that understanding life, where people were jealous off. He always says that, “Jen, I am too much to you, Is it?” I giggle saying, ”  Vice-versa baby”. Not really but, his saying was right.

It wasn’t at all a mutual separation. He left me body with dead soul, he was my soul. Pneumonia played a deadly role though, yet I love him.