Among the gang of many, Anand and Siri had special feelings towards them but never got a private space to make sure what it was. As everyday, they both came to their lunch space area and waiting for everyone to come and have lunch. After a minute they got phone calls that no one was going to come.

Anand thought it was the right time to have a long conversation and opened his bag for a box. 

“Oh! I forgot my box today, seems like I need to have lunch outside ” said Anand.

“It would be great if I too forgot my lunch box ” she told herself, and opened her box to share.

“Oh God! why on earth there is only bitter gourd” shouted to herself Siri.

Anand took the chance to take her out for lunch and said ” Let’s go to the nearby restaurant, what say?” 

Though Siri wanted to go, she was thinking whether this would be considered a date or just lunch and said” yes, whatever may be, I cant eat bitter gourd, lets go”.

 As they entered they found beautiful fish in the aquarium; delightful music and dreamy lights all around. When Anand sat on a sofa, Siri was perplexed as to whether she should sit beside him or opposite him.

Anand told “whenever you go with your boyfriend for a date in future, prefer to sit opposite him so that you can look into his eyes” . Siri was shocked to know that he could read her mind and also confused, what did he mean actually. She was seated opposite him, but couldn’t look into his eyes directly.

Though she wanted to grab his attention with her smile, she felt a bit uncomfortable with his passionate looks. Anand worrying about his looks, keeps on setting his hair, and shirt in a phone camera to look amorous in front of Siri.

Before they could begin a conversation, the waiter requested the order. Anand offered a menu to Siri. As they were enjoying their company wordlessly looking at each other, food had arrived. 

Before she chose to eat dessert, she joked, “What if our friends find out we went out for lunch without informing them? They will tease us.”

Anand suddenly took a selfie with her and said, “Why should we give them a chance?” Let’s pretend we’re dating and see how they react. Siri liked the idea and asked “how would they believe this ?”.

Anand exclaims, “They could easily believe this as they already know that I adore you”

Siri was speechless and unreadable, left the place silently.

Anand blushed at the end of the day when he noticed that Siri had bought her favorite aloo curry in her lunch box.