Nupur’s sister Payal has suffered heartbreak as her boyfriend Rahul broke up with her for another girl. Nupur encounters a similar situation as she was going to her college. This makes her wonder if being dejected over loss of people in life, is necessary. 


My elder sister Payal was crying. She  loved a guy named Rahul. They knew each other through a common friend. They had been together for 2 years and were happy in each other’s company.

Rahul was accepted by Maa and Dadda as well. ” You cannot get a boy like Rahul in your life.” They used to say.


But it happened that he began to date another girl named Sheetal who was his classmate in college.


One day he texted Payal didi,


‘ Nowadays circumstances are not permitting us to be together. You’re so busy in your internship that you have forgotten me and our relationship. So I have decided to break up with you. I have Sheetal now. She’s loves me a lot and  gives me priority unlike you. Goodbye forever.”


“Such a childish reason to have broken up.” I remarked then I counselled Payal didi,” If he can’t understand your priorities he has no right to love you. Forget him and focus on your internship. My friend’s sister was also in the same phase but she did a mistake. She was grossed in the thought of her ex that she went into depression. After all, career will make you self sufficient.”


“But Nupur, how can he do this to me.” She said with a sob.

Didi went on crying. I was not able to understand what was going on in her mind. Perhaps it was her broken love which was pestering her every now and then.

Maa-Dadda also counselled Didi. She had decided to go to work the next day. I knew one of her friend Shruti who went for internship with Payal Didi. I told her the situation and asked her to take care of Didi.


“I can understand your concern and as a friend I’ll take care of Payal. You need not worry.”


Next day I had to go to college. It was a winter morning and I become lazy during this time of the year. After receiving numerous reprimands of Dadda on time management, I left home for taking a rickshaw to the Metro station. After security check I rushed towards the platform. Train had reached. Since I was getting late I did not wait for the next train and boarded the waiting train. In that haste, I realized that I had boarded into the general carriage instead of ladies’ carriage. But it was so crowded that I gave up on the idea to move towards ladies’ carriage.


So I was standing at the door. Opposite to me there was a man perhaps he was about 20 years of age. He wore  jacket and jeans. He was talking with someone on phone.


“I have not made Meenakshi’s film. Please make her understand…”


“You were my best buddy, best bro. I thought you will understand my concern. I thought you had full faith on me when others did not. I didn’t expect this from you.” Then perhaps the call disconnected as he showed frustration. He bit his lips and looked up. It seemed to me he was hiding his tears. It’s something serious, I thought.


Then another call came.


“I swear, I have not made that video. Meenakshi’s my friend as well. Why would I do this to her? Her parents are making false allegations.”


“No please listen babes..” That call disconnected. He hung his head in despair.


I could make up what might have happened. Perhaps someone made an obscene video of one of his friends and this guy was falsely accused.


I felt pity for this guy who was really disheartened by the recent events.


“Shall I talk to him? ” I asked myself,”  No, It would be like poking my nose in other’s business.” So I remained quiet.


I reached my destination. I hurriedly alighted the train, got out of the station and took a rickshaw to reach my college.


I had my Zoology lecture. That teacher is very strict in matters of punctuality. Luckily she was busy in some other work so I couldn’t face her scoldings. She came 5 minutes later and took the class.


My next class was after 2 hours. All my friends were absent that day. So I roamed around the college and went to the Amphitheatre of my college. There I saw the dancers of the Western Dance Society were practicing. I thought to pass my time watching their dance.


I saw a guy whom I had seen before. That jacket, those jeans. Oh! He is the one who I met in the Metro! I recollected. He was a dance instructor. Then I saw their dance. I noticed absolutely no sign of disappointment or worry on the face of the instructor. Despite the fact that he was wrongly accused and his friends had no faith on him. He was merely focussed on his work. I witnessed the dance and also the dedication with which the guy was doing his job.


Nobody could have thought what the instructor had gone through.


He taught for 2 hours. Then I saw it was time for my lecture. I was going back and the guy was also leaving until he noticed me.


“Hey! Did I see you in the Metro today?” He greeted me with a smile.


“Oh yes yes!” Even I gave a smile.


“Are you in this college?”




“Which course?”


“Zoology, 1st year.”


“Okay. It was nice meeting you.” He shook hands with me and we both parted ways.


While I was going towards my class I was pondering over that instructor’s behaviour. I was filled with awe, the way he greeted me with a smile and his focus towards instructing the dancers as if nothing had happened. Then I thought about Payal Didi who was so dejected at the very thought of Rahul leaving her for some other girl. She was not willing to do anything and was getting depressed every moment. She went for work because we convinced her to. Salute to his diligence!

I returned home after the class having with me an example of how work is everything. I’ll tell her that “Work is Worship.”

People may come and go, they’ll try to satisfy their needs. It is important to be strong and move on.