Once apon a time  there was a girl named silky. She used to love spending time with herself

 She enjoyed her own company. It was fine upto her school days but when it’s her time to move to other city for her college she was not ready to move to other city. Silky tried many things to cancle her admission from the college but noting worked. Silky has only one friend in school. Her name was maya. Maya was very extrovert and was a loving person she was active in every thing in her school days and same she wanted  in her college days. But silky was very opposite from her friend. When they entered in college on their first day silky was very nervous. When they entered in campus they were ragged by some seniors and maya was very active and handled the situation there. After days silky was dependent on maya on every thing but due to some issues maya had to leave the college and maya left. Now silky was all alone but was not enjoying her own company. Then she understood that how one person can change everything around you. She knew maya had not tried to change her at all but still she changed silky and made her extrovert in some point.  She was now enjoying others company made new friends started following her dreams and that introvert girl now changed to a happy soul because of maya.