“Hey!! How are you? I did not see you yesterday in the gym.” Rahul said. “No…. Yesterday I went out with my girlfriend. That was her birthday!” Suham replied. “Ohhh nice! You have a girlfriend… What is her name?” Rahul asked. This was the initial conversation occurred between Suham and Rahul. Further Rahul asked, “What is her name? What is her name? Tell me… Then Suham replied, “Her name is Janhavi and she lives nearby.. her abode is just behind the gym…!” “Ohhh…. OK..OK” was the reply from Rahul. Then they further continued the exercise. Rahul thought in the back of his mind, “The person I saw with my sister in her Facebook DP and on her Whatsapp…. is this the same guy and he also knows my sister very well… It seems his girlfriend and my sister is one person only…..okay let’s find out!”

Rahul asked Suham, “I also have a girlfriend. Then why not we both hang out together? If we do that we can get a good quality time, plus we can be in a group so that no one will notice.” Listening to that Suham’s elation had no bounds. He immediately said, “Yes! Yes! Why not this weekend! We were planning to go for a long bike ride. I would really like if you both also to join us!” Rahul’s plan got successful and then they kept on chatting about different things.

It was Sunday morning….beautiful weather actually moved Rahul a lot. Rahul took his bike and went to the destination where Suham and Jahnavi were waiting for him. Rahul also picked up his girlfriend Sulekha. Then when he reached to the destination he saw Janhavi and Suham are sitting on a bike. Janhavi had a scarf but looking at those eyes he recognised that she is his sister. So he waved towards Suham and he could see the colour fainting from her eyes. The terror she felt about things Rahul could say or Rahul could mention to her parents… She started crying and Suham had no clue what happened? Why is she actually crying? So he tried caressing her and asked, “What happened baby? Why are you crying?”

When she managed to compose her together, Rahul came from backside and he held her shoulder. Looking at that Suham was very astonished. Rahul further said, “She is my sister….” The colour of Suham face also went off. White colour and negative things started swirling in his mind.

Janhavi’s mother and father were very parochial and because of that the both are very scared to share such things with them. That is why they were hiding it from so many days and Rahul knew all the circumstances.

When Rahul went at that position he said, “Hey…babes please don’t worry… I would never open my mouth because I know what kind of orthodox society this is. What kind of sharing should be there…. I truly hate the orthodox conventions of the families which are majorly focused on the betterment of their kids but when it comes to a marriage or when it comes to conjunction of two hearts the basic thing that they will think is first the status of the family in the society, second there own comfort zone, veg and non-veg things, and third is the happiness of a kid. Happiness would be at the ground state and that is the most difficult part. I feel about such things in the same way…. so you both don’t worry. I will help you in any and every way possible to make things right. I will support you guys, so don’t cry. We are here to go for a long, romantic bike ride. So I think we should enjoy that.”

After hearing those words from her brother, her happiness had no bounds and she hugged both Suham and Rahul. At the same time Sulekha did not have any clue about those things but when Rahul called and she also joined that combi-hug.

31st December 2016, both families were sitting together and enjoy those thoughts. Their fights, laughter and marriage stories filled the atmosphere.