Once there lived a boy who was very much conservative. It was high time then, for him to leave his comfort zone and move out for his graduation. Having a humble and kind nature he was never used to say no to people for any work. Living in a dilemma of that is it good to say ‘NO’ to people but always end up saying ‘YES’ at the cost of his time and peace. He will always be concerned about other’s happiness. Even his friends always tell him to do something which he never want to do but just because nobody feels bad he always does all the things as and when said even if he didn’t wanted to do. 

One fine evening he met a girl who was in the same college and was resident of that place only. They became very good friends and they both cared for each other so much that when one of them was in a bad mood the other one gets to know just by looking at them and feeling their emotion. The boy was very much shy and introvert in his initial days but after meeting her she made him learn many things. She is complete extrovert but an overthinker and he is an introvert . She wished that he could see himself through her eyes to see how much he mean to her , how much respect she have for him. YES ! This feeling is mutual. Not only they shared memories and laughter together they also shared tears of sadness and joy. Both of them being so much transparent to each other. They both made each other understand the perspective of the opposite gender. As the time passed, the bond got much more stronger. 

When one of them was very much sad the other one also felt the same and would stay with each other till everything becomes alright. The boy felt very lucky to have a friend like her who was not only his friend but his teacher , motivator and she used to support him in every good and bad situation. She used to take care of him like a mother. He never told her to stop thinking but always told and proved that he’ll not let her think alone. She also never told him to easily just say no to people instead made him understand it is okay not to be okay with certain things at certain times  and  not everything was worth his time and peace . As promised, they both stayed for each other through all the thick and thin. When there can be friendship in love  why not love in friendship.

FRIENDSHIP: The love that never expects anything from each other also everything is done before expecting .