Once there was an 8 years old girl named Samaira. Cute as a button, Samaira was a charismatic and jolly girl who found happiness in little things.She was a kind of child who never failed to make people smile through her acts.  Samaira lived in a beautiful city with her family and some amazing group of friends. But there was this one boy she felt closer to than her other friends. That 10 year old boy Rishit was a smart kid who was known amongst other kids because of his appealing nature and shrewd brain.

Samaira and Rishit shared a kind of connection they didnโ€™t share with anyone else. They used to play together and loved spending their evenings playing and running around with each other. It was a part of their routine to play cricket together along with their other friends, both Rishit and Samaira being on the same team. They used to plan their birthdays, small occasions and even festivals together. Both Samaira and Rishit called Diwali โ€˜theirโ€™ festival. Rishit was a fire-cracker lover and eventually, he made Samaira like them too. Even their preferences on most of the things were similar. There were times they used to argue and then not talk for days. But they knew better than fighting with each other, so they were quick to workout their disagreements. With each passing year, their relationship grew stronger.

Samaira was often bullied by other kids who played around them. As she was a shy kid, she didnโ€™t know how to speak up for herself. But Rishit was her only friend who used to save her from those bullies and stood with her. Samaira knew she will always have Rishitโ€™s back. And she also knew that may be what she felt for Rishit was a little more than what they called friendship. But as they grew older, they ceased talking due to the pressure and judgement of the society. The only communication that took place between them was non-verbal one. Looking at each other and admiring each other gradually became usual for them.

Both of them moved on with their lives, oblivious to the circumstances of each otherโ€™s lives. But they never completely let their relationship fall apart. At the age of 16, Samaira got into a relationship with a boy named Abhay. Abhay himself was a pleasant person who grew close to Samaira in a blink of eye.  Samaira started to believe that may be what she felt for Rishit was a mere crush because she wanted to spend all of her time now with Abhay. Both Samaira and Abhay enjoyed spending their time together in school and used to talk when they got time at home. But unfortunately, their relationship started to shatter as Abhay started taking Samaira for granted. This made Samaira feel feeble and inevitably she ended that relationship with him.It made her compare her bond with Rishit, that how Rishit never raised his voice at her no matter how pissed he was, or how he never let his ego win over their relation.  And once again, Samaira and Abhay were strangers to each other.

Ultimately, Samaira used to think of the possibilities of her relationship with Rishit. She used to think of what it would have been like if it was Rishit in Abhayโ€™s place. Except for the fact that she knew it was never going to happen. Sometimes, she wondered if it was just infatuation or if Rishit felt the same way she felt for him. As she turned 17, Samaira grew a year older and more mature. She was able to make decision of whatโ€™s right and whatโ€™s not, along with excelling in various fields as well as academics in her school. She was satisfied with what she had in her life at that point. She was thriving in every possible way she could think of and she believed she couldnโ€™t be any happier. But then something happened she never in her wildest dreams imagined to take place.

One day, Samaira was on her phone when she saw a notification popping up on the screen. Frowning, she proceeded to see where the notification was from. Noticing that the notification was from Instagram, she tapped on it, eager to see the person who wanted to be friends with her. But what she saw made her freeze in her place. It was Rishit. Samaira didnโ€™t know how to react to it. She was both ecstatic and nervous.

Due to her anxious state of mind, Samaira couldnโ€™t text or talk to Rishit that day. But she knew that she will eventually have to initiate the conversation if she wanted to talk to him. So the next day, she texted him and instantly got a reply to that text. It was like Rishit was desperately waiting for her to text him. They were having a real conversation after years and it felt surreal. There was so much that was unsaid between them which made them talk for each and every second of that day. Samaira felt so happy and contended in that moment that she wanted to cease it. The very next day, both of them confessed their unspoken feelings for each other that were buried in their hearts since forever. They were madly in love and it felt unrealistic.

Samaira then got her answer to the question that kept her mind occupied for years: Infatuation or Love? Years passed by and they got closer than ever. They were the missing pieces of each othersโ€™ puzzle and they fit together just perfectly. They were each othersโ€™ pillar of strength. They motivated each other to push their limits and perform well in their respective fields. They brought out best in each other and made them change for the good. And thus, they proved that if someone wants something wholeheartedly, they can always claim it as theirs.