In 1985!

A day was well settled, everyone in the street is busy with their work.I am busy in packing my luggage for my visit in America. I am doing my degree in arts, I am motivational speaker and book writer, I had 2 daughters and one professor Mr. Rangachari offered me a chance to deliver a speech in America!I landed there in U.S with fully dressed Indian tradition. I wore a saree and tied my long hair and flourished my face with large round red color Bindi and mehndi which looks like raising sun in my hands and beautiful Tommy Hilfiger watch. Surprisingly every one there looking at me in a disgusting way! My luggage struck in the port. One man with long mustache and blonded his hair came to rescue my luggage! I am shocked why this man was murmuring constantly for helping me.He is murmuring like this “these Indians never ever get educated! “Doesn’t have any knowledge regarding our technology carrying 20 kgs of luggage for making us trouble what rubbish! finally I thanked him and off to my hotel room! I am very sure that I should face another bundle of sarcasm here. I took a taxi and reached the hotel there was a long queue. 18 years young girl with red skirt and white top whiteish hair with beautiful eyes constantly looking at me.she came near to me and asked “hey why are you looking so awkward!” You Indians never comes out from a social elements. Covering all my agony and anger I smiled silently and reached my room took hot shower and relaxed for some time and came downstairs to have my lunch I ordered porridge and started to eat with my hand. OMG everyone looking at me like I am making murder with my own hands. A man who served me food laughed at me and said eat properly madam!Next day is my speech day. I was very nervous that how it would reach to the people born and brought up with spoon and fork. Car was sent by the government of the US. The man with long mustache and blonded his hair came to me and opened my door who disgusted me with sarcasm in airport and he was shocked! 18 years young girl with red skirt and white top whiteish hair with beautiful eyes asked me in hotel room welcome me with bunch of flowers. . A man who served food laughed at me waiting to take my autograph! Everybody looking at me with excitement is she the great speaker! After few minutes long posture of mine was launched whole auditorium is spell bounded with claps!

Welcome me like this!“ THE LADY WITH HUGE WISDOM OF KNOWLEDGELADY WHO WAS EDUCATEDLADY WHO WAS APPERICIATED BY OUR PRESIDENTSHE IS “MRS.MEENAKSHI URIPATI”!!UNIED NATIONS OF AMERICA IS VERY HAPPY TO WELCOME YOU.My speech was like this.MY dear people of America!I am very happy that your love and tradition towards your country was awesome and I appreciate it.But your knowledge regarding this traditions cannot reach at the top of the Himalayas.My land is filled with fragrance of traditions .Covering whole body doesn’t mean social harassment. It’s our culture and having bhindi means to save the power that lies in forehead having long hair meant for beauty and mehndi resembles the life of husband! That makes life of the family to be always shining and country traditions make me inspire day to day doesn’t criticize me.Every body was shocked. But the reality lies here.Loving your country means you should respect other countries also!If you don’t love your country then you also should not country also!Blaming doesn’t make change right!What all we need is World should enlighten with the young like you