In Delhi, the capital of India, a family used to live together, in which Sonali and Reema were daughters-in-law.

Sonali was the elder daughter-in-law of the house and Reema was the younger daughter-in-law.

Sonali used to do office work along with household chores, so Sonali’s mother-in-law used to repeatedly interrupt Sonali for household chores. Used to speak for attention and Reema didn’t care.

One day there was a worship ceremony at home, so there was a lot of work.

Sonali had done her work, but her mother-in-law was repeatedly asking Sonali to take leave from the office. Sonali got fed up and went to her mother-in-law’s room with tears in her eyes.

When Sonali came to room she mopped her eyes and seeing everyone laughing then Sonali became sad. She wanted to say a lot of things but didn’t dare to see everyone laughing and she started going back to her room.

Mother-in-law called Sonali, come here, Sonali went to her hiding her tears, mother-in-law said, sit here, Sonali !! sat beside me.

Listen my daughter, it is not that we have any problem with doing your job, Sonali said on hearing this, then what is the problem mother, every time you tell me to take leave, I am doing household work along with office work, Reema is also the daughter-in-law of the house, she can also manage the work.

Then the mother-in-law said, Sonali, I can also handle household chores, but daughter, I enjoy working with you, while talking to you, I do not know how things get done. You sit all day doing office work and you don’t feel like eating, You spend the whole day in the room even you don’t remember to take a rest.

We care about you daughter, we also feel that you should sit with us, laugh and talk and all this cannot happen because of the office, so I ask you to take leave again and again so that you come out of the room. Sonali started crying after hearing all this Bitterness now hides love in words. Sonali was seen crying and hugging her mother-in-law.

Then Sonali asked, Mother, who gave you such a suggestion?

Mother-in-law said the younger daughter-in-law of this house and Reema was smiling behind there.