This is a story of how just the looks create an impression and how it changed when kirthi met Anand.


Kirthi a well outgoing party girl from Delhi, when in the early days of her college was judging people based on their looks and never cared anyone who didn’t look cool, her friends, gangs parties her environment was different from Anand.Anand came from Chennai to Delhi, not very much interested in being a cool guy and being the apple of the eyes, he was simple and calm but not an introvert.

During the November end when there was a small fun activity for being the college icons from fresher’s, where partners are picked at random by taking up a chit kirthi met Anand. At first, she didn’t like him, he was different from all the people around her, she wanted to change for she din’t want to play the game along with him. There were three rounds; the first was to speak continuously with the partner, kirthi was a girl with sportive spirit, she wanted to win and she took the chance and said she will be doing the first round, Anand agreed then as always she won at the task that was easy for her.


But the second round task has stunned everyone, it was the turn of another partner to tell everyone what they have heard in the first round. Everyone was stunned .as what the partners spoke in the first round was recorded no one took the opportunity to stand and tell everyone what they heard in the first round. Kirthi thought this was the end. but there was one person who stood up and with firm voice told everyone what he heard from his partner and that was Anand.Not only kirthi but everyone was shocked. With the great start that Anand gave Suresh also spoke up and Varsha Suresh’s partner was also happy. But kirthi was not only shocked and happy but she found herself a little embarrassing for her IMPRESSION about Anand she made by just looking at him, by not knowing him.


She apologized and then they became good acquaintances and were waiting for the third round to be held after the lunch. Kirthi and Anand had the lunch together and kirthi had a lot to talk about Chennai, his parents, his music preferences, Messi, ab de Villiers and what not.

When kirthi made him listen to Shakira Anand introduced kirthi to spb, though kirthi was not that IMPRESSED she liked it.

And then the time for the third and the final round came in. When kirthi thought it would be some fun task it ended to be a treasure hunt which sounded not so easy for her, but Anand motivated her .finally the day for treasure hunt came and kirthi with Anand was ready.

It started and as usual with questions clues the game was going on .suresh and Varsha was also performing well. there were few questions which kirthi couldn’t solve but together they did it and after all the running and guessing work which led them to the last puzzle which was very difficult for both the teams but Anand and kirthi could together break it and they finally found the treasure the title they deserve of being the college fresher icons . but between and after all of this kirthi’s IMPRESSION about Anand changed a lot.

From judging people based on looks and dressing sense somewhere kirthi changed and started to understand people before having an impression on them. She changed and never did the same mistake of having an IMPRESSION based on appearances. The IMPRESSIONS SHE CHANGED. Then after Anand was the first person she went to share her happiness and problems.