“since when did you started blushing ?” asked Parker 

I wanted to tell him I found love , but how do I .How do I tell him having my Fate as my biggest enemy. What if It isn’t love , or love doesn’t loves me back ,or worst I get hurt again

“You are getting it wrong ” I replied dully

“Tell me everything now , Yana ” said Parker inquisitively

“How do I tell you , I want to tell you everything ,but you know my fate has never been my side from an abusive father , divorced single mother who raised me with all her care and love and getting cheated by my own cousin with my past love .How do I tell you ?” I replied 

” Yana , after everything In your bag , you are the most strong girl I have met .You are the best person with gentel heart and clever mind and beautiful soul , you are perfect in every possible way . You can trust me ,I will be by your side no matter what .”assured Parker

“I love you” I muttered


profound silence 

Parker ran without a single word , and I cried , cried for the worst mistake I can ever make . I am alone now , facing my worst fear come true and again fate won Yana lost .Now what do I do ? ,cry for what was never mine or regret the loss of my only friend , the only person I can trust , I person I had by my side to talk to share what I feel.

 hour passes by , and yet I am sobbing senseless crying waiting ….. waiting for I don’t  know what

Parker is here again , but , with my mom . The worst was yet to come

“Mom, I am sorry , I didn’t meant to hurt anyone ” I cried 


Mom grabbed my hand and this time again Parker ran away and I followed my mom silently but and Parker disappeared, as we reached home the most unexpected happened .

Parker on his knees with a cute ring , sunflower and lilies and I am dumbstruck , suddenly I remembered fourteen year myself telling Parker about the way I like to get proposed , In front of my mumma with some sunflowers and lilies and a cute ring .

“Yana , will you be my life partner , my home , my everything for the rest of my life , I know I shouldn’t have left you , but I wanted to make your dream proposal reality . I love you Yana , with all my life ,and heart, please just say you found love ” pleaded Parker 

“I found love ” I whispered

“I found love” I assured myself again 

” I found love ” I cried 

and this time I won , I found love , my love founded me .