At 1:00 in the night, in the bitter cold, that family was standing on the road looking around helplessly. Vinod, his wife Sneha, their six-month-old daughter in their arms, five-year-old Divya and their old mother were all trembling.

Vinod came to his sister’s house for a wedding after 10 years with his family. No one came to pick him up at the station and lost his way and could not reach home. The rickshaw puller got upset and dropped him on the road there. The streets were deserted, there was no one from whom he could ask for the address. The charging of the phone had also ended.

Troubled, Sneha hesitantly knocked on the door of a house in the street. A man opened the door a little. Sneha said, ‘Look brother, we have lost our way. There is a small child and an old mother. Please help us.’ he banged from closed the door. Sneha turned with tears in her eyes, only then the same door opened and a woman entered. A voice came – ‘Come here.’

It was a small two room house. The children slept in front. The man quickly moved the children, made the mother sit comfortably and said, ‘Don’t feel bad sister, we have locked the door because there is a fear of theft and robbery here.’ On Sneha’s refusal, the woman lit the stove, heated milk for the doll and offered tea to everyone. Till then Vinod charged the phone and called brother-in-law. In a while, brother-in-law came to pick them up with a car.

The woman told, they are from Bihar. Have come here to earn food. In a short while, he became so at home that even while leaving, he said, ‘You must come to our house for breakfast tomorrow. ,