Do you have any clashes at work or in your personal life? Are you concerned that if you do something great, others will look down on you? Are you anxious that your own family would not support you in doing something you enjoy? Are you unable to complete a task because you are afraid of failing? Do you want to establish your own business but something is preventing you from doing so? Do you seek advice or look for motivating and inspirational films or videos for success stories or tips on how to live a worry-free life?

The book ‘How to be Successful: Think like a Leader’ written by the author, ‘M. Curtis McCoy’ is a motivating and uplifting book. It compiles several interviews and true stories of Jeff Wobig, Connie Wyatt, Paul B. Watson, Eric Payne, Caujuan Mayo, Nathan Schulhof, and Jeff McGregor.

In the fourth chapter, the author has answered a series of interview questions about his definition of success, what steps he took to get to a certain point in life, his greatest strengths, his greatest weaknesses, how he overcame them, what types of books he has read, what types of character traits he values the most in others, what inspires him, what advice he would give to others, and many other topics.

The author has added short encouraging chapters after each interview to motivate the readers such as reward yourself, make others feel appreciated, six keys to building quality friendships, meet new friends, take pride in your appearance, stop wasting your life, the art of saying ‘No’, improve your attitude, develop winning habits and many more.

There have already been many times in your life where you thought you put everything you could towards achieving a specific task but, you failed. The times you came close to success but just fell short. They may seem like failures but they aren’t. Each time we try and fail not only do we learn more about ourselves but we develop strength for the next round. Quite simply you learn from the small battles what it takes to win the war. Remember if it was easy to be highly successful everyone would do it. Achievement is an ongoing process, you need to go over your goals every single day with laser beam focus. A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards it.

Throughout the book, the author has included numerous inspirational quotes that will inspire readers to take action in their lives. Although there were a few grammatical and typographical errors, they did not deviate from the message the author was trying to convey. In addition, the author’s writing style was also distinct and easy to comprehend. The power of prayer and the Christian faith in God are all mentioned. This book is suitable for young entrepreneurs as well as anyone who feels stuck in their career/ job or life situation. I would like to rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. “Success is the ability to bounce back from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”


  1. Hamna Khan

    Based on the review, the book seems suitable for young entrepreneurs and individuals feeling stuck in their careers or life situations. Overall, the reviewer rates the book 4 out of 4 stars, suggesting a strong endorsement for its motivational content and potential to inspire readers to pursue their goals with determination and enthusiasm.