This story tells how a little girl’s faith brought back her brother’s life. Sometimes, a strong faith can make even a miracle possible.


“I have seen miracles just happen,

Silent prayers get answered,

Broken hearts become brand new,

That’s what faith can do.”


Scarlett lived with her parents and her little brother, Scott. She had a lovely house and a very loving family. Her brother was the apple of her eye, she loved him so much. He was the only friend she got. She used to play with him often. One day she woke up to find her aunt pacing in her bedroom.

“Hey baby girl, you are finally awake. Come down and have breakfast,” said her aunt in a tired voice and left to prepare breakfast for her.

The fact that her aunt was here was enough to create havoc in little girl’s mind. To say that her mother and her aunt never got along would be an understatement, they hated each other guts. Her aunt was only in their house when there was a family emergency. The last time she was here when her Mom got flu. There was definitely something wrong.

Scarlett skipped the steps to reach the hall. In hurry, she didn’t even noticed that there was no one in the house except her aunt.

“Here you go,” her aunt said placing her favorite breakfast in front of her.

“Why everyone is not here for breakfast?” Scarlett asked, completely ignoring the breakfast

Her aunt remained silent for a while as if she was thinking of lying to her.

“Scar, last night Scott got pain in his chest and your mom, dad took him to the doctor. So you are stuck with me till they return.”

Scarlett started crying, she was silently praying “God let my brother be fine.”


That was two months ago, that day she cried continuously while her aunt pacified her, also Scott got admitted to the hospital and never came home. Despite her various antics and tantrums, her parent never took her to the hospital to meet Scott. She missed him so much as it had been two months since she last saw him. One day she overheard her parents when they were talking in the hall.

“We have to move to the apartment this week. We have to sell this house for Scott’s treatment,” her father said.

“Even by selling our house, we won’t be able to afford his surgery. None of our relatives are ready to help us, now only a miracle can save our boy,” her mother said. She was sobbing at that moment.

Despite her desire to go her mother and hug her tightly, Scarlett ran back to her room, took out all the money from her piggybank and went to a general store.

When she reached the general store, Scarlett counted the money again, fifty seven rupees. She coughed twice to get the attention of the shopkeeper who was talking to a gentleman but she was awarded with no response. At last, she took a stool, reached the counter and kept her money on it with a thud.

“What? Can’t you see I’m busy,” the shopkeeper snapped.

Ignoring his rudeness, Scarlett asked determinately, “How much does a miracle cost?”


“I want to buy a miracle, tell me its price.”

“Hey little girl! See I’m too busy for your silly jokes. Leave now, I’m talking to my brother who had returned from Australia just today,” the shopkeeper said annoyingly.

“I am not joking, I want to buy a miracle for my little brother.”

The man who was dressed in a fancy suit kneeled in front of Scarlett and asked, “Why do you want a miracle for your brother”.

“Something is wrong with my brother’s heart, Mom said that only a miracle could save him. So, I want to buy a miracle. I have fifty seven rupees with me, I can give you more if you want,” Scarlett said proudly.

Instead of laughing at her, the shopkeeper’s brother took the money from her and said, “Take me to your parent and I will try my best to give you a miracle.”

Scarlett grabbed his hand and took him to her house.

That man, Dr. Vivek Sharma was a surgeon specializing in cardio-surgery. He took care of all the expenses of Scott’s heart surgery. It was successful and Scott was ready to go to his home after ten days of his surgery.

Dr. Sharma came to Scott’s room for his checkup for the last time before his discharge and said to her mother, “He is ready to go now but give him medicines on time and don’t hesitate to give me a call if something is wrong,”

Her mother took his hand and said, “I can’t thank you enough for what you did, Doctor. This is a miracle, I can only wonder how much did it cost.”

The doctor glanced in Scarlett’s direction, smiled to her, winked, and then turned to her mother and said, “Don’t worry about that, it’s paid in full.”

Scarlett knew exactly how much it cost, fifty seven rupees. Her faith was the only thing which brought back her brother’s life. Sometimes a strong faith can bring a miracle.