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Naina had seen everything in her life. She had faced all the problems coming in one’s life but the greatness lies in the fact that her belief towards God remained unchanged. She grew, her age taught her a lot and experience as well and the only thing she learned in life is to rely only on God and there’s none to rely upon. Even your shadow leaves in the time of darkness, that’s why the only one to depend upon  is God.

She had been given a room in his son’s house where only loneliness accompanied her. Her daughter-in-law never sat beside her and talked and this wasn’t enough. She rather fought with Naina and asked not to roam about here and there and complain against her to her husband. Naina was very old but she had a habit of doing her work herself. She never asked her daughter-in-law to do her work.

She just wanted a peaceful life of her son. She didn’t want his life to be disturbed. This continued and Naina’s life went through the time when her son had become unaffected with whatever was happening with her mother. His heart had love but towards her wife only. Or was the love towards her mother was just replaced by that of her wife? Does this really happen in real life? This was the fact  Naina thought to herself but it is such a complicated thing to get in aa normal person’s life.


This kind of situation is common among people’s life. Anyone may go through  situation where he/she wants someone to share his/her pain in life but there’s none to help you through it. Then a power inside you or some call it the positive energy inside you makes you feel lighter than before. That’s what comes because of God’s grace. Naina was going through this. But whenever she felt so she prayed to God to send an angel that may help her come out of this pain.

Her wish wasn’t fulfilled yet but she had patience to wait for the best to come. Her life was going the way it was amid various hardships.

She went to the morning walk daily. When she was returning from there, she saw some new neighbors in her society. They saw Naina as an old happy woman as they could only see the fake smile that she wore to hide her pains and the story of her struggling life from the society. The new neighbors of Naina was a small family including a Lady named Ritu, her husband and their two Kids  who were teenagers along with her mother-in-law . Ritu always saw Naina and greeted her.

Naina liked the attitude of Ritu. She invited her in her home. Ritu’s mother in law had become Naina’s friend. They were somewhat Of the same age. Naina liked her company as she had none in her life to share her feelings  with. She lacked love in her life. Nobody even cared where she is and how is she. She  realized  that Ritu and her mother in law

Were God’s angels. She wanted someone in her life to share her happiness, Sadness, and everything which was lost long back when she lost her family After marriage. It’s only said that the girl’s own relations with her family remain undisturbed when she is married but her whole life suffers ups and downs. She Has to compromise every time.

Naina was happy to know that. There were people in her life who loved And cared for her. Ritu was a very nice woman. She served every passerby and Helped the needy. Ritu’s  mother in law told Naina about Gita and it’s messages.. Naina  listened to the good  sayings to console herself and Be peaceful in mind and soul. She was happy to have such  a good company. She realized how God helped her through all this and put a smile on her face after a very long time.

Even Ritu’s mother in law was a nice woman. She had suffered a lot in her Life and shared that with Naina. They discussed each other’s struggle in life and shared each other’s pain. Both had gone through hardships in life.

The only difference between them was that Ritu’s mother in law had her in her painful life unlike Naina. Naina’s son had left her uncared and unloved in a room his home. Now she had angels in life who loved and cared for her. She  slept with a light heart whose pain reduced by sharing it.