Aarushi: Maa, Papa, I got job through campus placement.

Parents: so, when you have to join?

Aarushi: from next week

Parents: ok, you can do your work. But keep in mind that you should not sign a work agreement

Aarushi: but why?

Parents: because we are planning for your marriage next year

Aarushi: it’s too quick

Parents: no, this is the right time. We will think only about the betterment of your future.

Aarushi: ok papa


After 1 year

Aarushi got married and now she is a home maker. But she will wake up at 5 A.M

Aarushi has to take care of her in-laws, her husband and she has to do the household works.


8 A.M

Sunil (Aarushi husband): Aarushi, come quick. I have been waiting for the breakfast for the past 10 minutes

Aarushi: sorry, just a moment. Here is your breakfast

Sunil: have you served the breakfast for ma and papa?

Aarushi: yes, I have served them first and also gave them the pills.

Sunil: Aarushi, you have to take care of them carefully because they have health issues like diabetes, blood pressure.

Aarushi: Sunil, you don’t worry about that. They are like my parents

Sunil: that’s good. Ok, I’ll leave for the office now

Aarushi: ok Sunil. Bye


11 A.M

Aarushi prepared vegetable soup for her in-laws and served them. This was her daily routine. Because the doctor has advised her to gave them soup before lunch.

Aarushi in-laws: Aarushi, have you prepared the lunch?

Aarushi: I’ll prepare now

In-laws: did you have your breakfast?

Aarushi: then only she remembers that she forget to eat breakfast as she was busy in her household chores.

Aarushi: no. I forget that

In-laws: Aarushi, this is not good. See the time now. Go and eat the breakfast now then you can prepare the lunch

Aarushi: ok.

Aarushi would have the habit of drinking a cup of coffee with biscuits early in the morning. She would always have her breakfast at 10 or 11 A.M

Aarushi prepared the lunch and served to her in-laws. Then she started typing the documents in her laptop. Her husband is the director of a consultancy firm and he would instruct her to assist him during the leisure hours.


At 7P.M

Aarushi husband has reached the home along with his colleagues. He has instructed her to prepare the dinner for them too. Sunil and her colleagues had their dinner and sat down in the sofas.

Sunil: hey guys did you liked the dinner?

Colleagues: it was awesome. Meanwhile is your wife took permission from office to prepare the dinner for us

Sunil: no, she is not working.

Colleagues: ok. By the way what is bhabhi’s qualification?

Sunil: she is a post-graduate and she had worked for a year in a MNC before marriage.

Colleagues: then why don’t you allow your wife to work in your consultancy?

Sunil: if she had gone for work then who will take care of my parents. Moreover I cannot find a highly qualified caretaker like my wife anywhere. Then he laughed.

On hearing these words, Aarushi was shocked and feels that she has been humiliated.


After 1 month

Aarushi: Sunil, could you please give me few minutes to speak with you?

Sunil: tell me quickly, it’s getting late for me

Aarushi: Chandra will join from work today.

Sunil: who is she?

Aarushi: Chandra is a known person for my family and she is doing household works in my mother’s residence. She will be doing our household work from today.

Sunil: what? If she will do the work, then what will you do? Moreover I won’t pay her because you didn’t ask my permission.

Aarushi: don’t worry Sunil. My dad will pay for her. I’ll join the office from today.

Sunil: our office?

Aarushi: no the MNC in the brigade road

Sunil: your interview?

Aarushi: the interview has been conducted last week and I got selected.

Sunil: you didn’t reveal anything to me. What happened to you Aarushi?

Aarushi: nothing, I just started to realize my mistakes and from today onwards I will also join with you for the morning breakfast.

Sunil: but why this sudden change?

Aarushi: I should thank you for making me realize that I have been wasting my intelligence for the past 1 year. Thanks to your colleges too. Without them I couldn’t able to find out your opinion about me.

Sunil: Sunil realized his mistake.