It was an early summer morning of Lucknow, on a Tuesday in a college hostel room. That was the time when the room used to flare up like oven so it was a common sight to see the entry doors wide open for better cross ventilation. Like any hostel room, it consisted of basic amenities, bed, bucket, tuck and the ever existing dry fruits. In one such room lived a girl who was busy dreaming of the high sky, the nature wide, the birds that fly and what not. It is then that she could hear a crackling sound right above her head, and started heading back to reality from her dream. At first she thought a thief had entered the room, so she quickly opened her eyes.

To her extreme shock a monkey sat right above her head up on the table. She quickly ran away from the monkey and kept looking dumbstruck at the monkey with eyes wide open as if Jumanji was becoming a reality. Till she could find something big to scare the monkey, it casually got up, indifferent to her reaction and picked up the most preciously preserved box given by her mother with all her love and care. It was the box of dry fruits that was decorated on the table with the same love and care everyday by her. Her heartbeats were not in her control, her body became immovable and her mind became numb but the monkey was overjoyed at its prize possession as it waddled its way out as if doing the ramp walk after getting the coveted achievement. She quickly picked up her bottle and ran after the monkey to save her box of dry fruits. But all her efforts went in vain.

This was for the first time that the girl had realised the significance of those dry fruits and her own helplessness watching how in a matter of seconds that monkey became the king of her mother’s overflowing love while all she could do was watch with the beggarly eyes those beautiful dry fruits , nothing less than diamonds being gulped and disappear . She immediately felt the need to narrate the incident to her parents. As they heard the whole incident, all they said was, “ Don’t fret. How great is that! Lord Hanuman Himself came to bless you child!”