This story is about a girl struggling in her life and trying to achieve peace.


This is the story of a young girl studying in a college far from her home. She was not very good in studies but tried very hard to please her parents and stand at their expectations. Initially, it was hard for her to make a room for herself in the new place but eventually she got used to it. That girl used to cry everyday in front of four walls of her hostel room. But she never used to shed a single tear in front of her so called friends. She used to hide every single emotion and put a fake smile every day. It was easier for her to fake a smile than to explain everyone everything. She never told anyone how she actually felt in college with those carefree people. Her emotions were hidden deep inside her for four years.

She was not an introvert person. She generally used to get mix up with different kinds of people. But this case was different. Days passed, weeks went by but she was not able to find a single person with whom she can share her deep hidden secrets. Every day she used to pretend that she’s happy but the real truth no one knew. Due to the new environment of the college initially she didn’t perform well in her exams but that was overcome by her later good performances. Studies didn’t tense her anymore.

There were many life based questions which were waiting for her to explore. She now was dealing with living questions.

She observed that how a single situation can give rise to many different conditions just because of perception. A positive attitude person will always see positivity in everything while a negative person will always pin point the mistakes.

After so many years staying at home, when she stepped out of her house she saw the real world, the actual world. She observed different people. She communicated with them and even tried to make friends but was never successful. Finally, after a lot of such failure she stopped making friends. She don’t even try to make anyone friend anymore. She became formal with everyone. With this change in her nature she was continuously bullied and teased by her so called friends. She was like a joker of the circus and the entertainment piece for her classmates. At every situation and any condition she was bullied and teased. No matter which place they all hangout, she became one of the best source of entertainment.

She tried hard to hold her emotions but up to what extent. Being a human, she could not hold such a large amount of secrets and had to explode these emotions to be normal. Ultimately, that day too came when she literally cried too badly.

Her eyes were red puffy and swollen. Though she cried really hard but still had to control her emotions so that no one should question.

But there was a girl in her room who saw her crying and asked some questions. She just abandoned the conversation and went straight to her bed and pretended to sleep. But she had stopped sleeping for many years. She used to close her eyes with many thoughts revolving in her mind and then pretend to sleep. Something was bothering her. Something has hit her hard. That girl of her room thought she’s being going through tough times so gave her some space and never asked questions again.

Finally her big day came. The day she came to this earth and the society. It was celebrated at midnight and enjoyed by many people. Everyone seemed happy. But for her this day was huge. It was the day when she took her first breath, it was the day when she first cried, it was the day when she’s born. After the celebrations were over she was left alone in her room with her new friend phone and laptop. Everyone she knew wished her, blessed her. She was happy but for how long ? She thought her birthday might prove a blessing for her and she might end up by making some lifelong friends. But she was wrong yet again. Again, what she thought never happened and after this big day was over she even lost some of her friends. In the evening she was going to give treat to some of her friends which they demanded but in her mid-way she was stopped by her friend Prachi. “Let’s go to the meditation center”, Prachi said in her childish voice.

She was surprised by these words and it was like her dream coming true. “Okay”, she said hiding a mixture of happiness and sadness in her tone.

Going ahead in the opposite direction she suddenly remembered that some of her friends were coming to meet her in the other shop. She discussed this with Prachi and Prachi called one of them. The conversation was short and Prachi told her that they are not coming now. She thought to give them the treat another day and happily went to the meditation center. Meditation was the ingredient with which she was living when she has to control her emotions. She peacefully came out and was without any tension or stress. She was finally happy but the day was not over yet. She still has to deal with the remaining 4-5 hours but happily. She arrived back to her small but beautiful room and her phone starts ringing. It was the call from one of those friends. She picked up and addressed gently. Her friend was annoyed and all that frustration came out as a burst over her. Initially, she was unable to understand but after recalling the train of thoughts she assumed that Prachi did this. She was in the great dilemma. She can’t blame anyone. She didn’t catch what Prachi told her friend and she can’t trust any random guy saying nuisance against Prachi. She was terrible. She was afraid and finally her big day has been ruined. She cried this day too. She tried hard to control but she burst out like a chick hatching from a shell. She made up her mind not to talk to anyone anymore.

The next day was never normal. She acted abnormally and had no big conversations. She now wants to reduce this social cycle in which she was falling deep and deep just like a bog and no one was helping her to come out from this stinky marsh land. From that day onwards she reduced her social cycle considerable. She herself was unable to understand her situation but wanted to flow with her harsh going life. She was never frank with her friends and now the barrier has increased even more after her birthday incident. Conversations with her were usually short and to the point. She don’t want to gossip with anyone anymore. Days went by, months passed and finally she got her degree with good placement. That day she was blessed once again. Once again she enjoyed her life to the fullest. After the convocation ceremony there was usual meeting of friends and some formalities. Taking one last class photograph they all promised to meet at least once a year.

However, it was not even a full year after their separation when they all got the news that this shy, introvert girl was dead. It was after six months, she was returning back to home from work when suddenly a truck hit her car. She had a terrible car accident on the highway and died on spot. This news spread among her friends like fire in the forest. All of her friends gathered when the last ritual was going on. They tried hard to console her family. Everyone gathered to pay the last respect to Ms. Shefali Malhotra who was lying peacefully after so many rough years. No one has ever wondered that life would take such a drastic turn and end up like this. All her school and college friends were present to see her last time. She was finally resting in peace with a peaceful smile right under her nose. Her looks has seldom changed.

She was looking exactly the same as she used to in her college with the same sharp features and personality. Her friends wanted to eliminate the misunderstanding but she never let anyone to reopen the old wounds. The peace which she was searching while living was finally achieved when she was dead. She had never thought that her friends would come to visit her while she was lying peacefully in her bed of flowers but she was looking everything from the sky and praying for all of them. She thought she might have got more than what she deserved and with this her memory started fading and finally she lied resting in peace forgetting everything of past and starting a new journey waiting ahead for her in another world.