It is a story about a little girl who had an amazing childhood and shifts to other place missing her best friend and the way her eyes searched for her best friend and how she felt at the end.


She was Six when she found her best friend. Someone who played with her, someone who made her smile, someone who tickled her and make her laugh till her stomach ached. She had found her whole world where everything was perfect. Every moment, every day of her life was sharing candies,doing homeworks, eating ice creams and it was just PERFECT!!!

“COME ON PARI GET READY WE HAVE TO GO.” her father said happily on her 8th birthday.

She knew she was not going for a vacation nor this was her birthday gift. She was moving to a new place with her parents. She knew her best friend won’t come. She was not happy to leave her best friend there and go to an unknown place where she had no one to share her ice creams with.

“COMING DAD.” she said looking at her best friend with teary eyes.

She picked her loving toys and beautiful memories. She felt helpless she knew she will not be the same now. With all her courage she had few words she muttered. “I’ll miss you.” She said as she hugged her best friend. She sat in the car waving her good bye.

She was now at a place where she was lonely. A big house, top school and parents failed to fill her mind the way her best friend did. Expensive toys couldn’t take the place of memories of her childhood. There was a smile on her face but she wept internally because there was no one to share this sorrow with!!

Growing up with just old memories was not easy.. She missed everything and felt to go back to the days she spent with her best friend. She used to write letters of which she never got a reply. But she continued with a hope that someday she will get a reply of her letter. Wishing for some miracle to happen and she never lost hope.

Years passed, and it was her 18th birthday!! She was never happy on her birthday as this day separated her best friend from her.

“COME ON PARI GET READY WE HAVE TO GO.” her father said.

She was confused. Where is she going? A vacation? With her low soft voice she asked “WHERE DAD?”

“IT IS A SURPRISE FOR YOU PARI.” She got a reply.

All puzzled and with lot of questions she sat in the car which headed to a familiar place. Every path she crossed made her think where is she going. And then came a turn. TURN OF HER PLACE. Memories flooded back. She started getting positive vibes. She remembered the place as she moved. Yes it was HER place. HER place where she was with her best friend, the place where she played, the place which made her childhood worth remembering. A slideshow of her memories started playing!

The car stopped and her heartbeats went faster. She stepped down, moved forward and HER EYES SEARCHED FOR HER BEST FRIEND.

She had mixed feelings of happiness, excitement, nervousness. But afterall her most desired wish to meet her best friend overcame her feelings. Every step she took forward made her hear her heartbeats.

Eyes moving left & right,front & back in search of her BEST FRIEND. Her heart knew where she will find her best friend. She stopped. Took a deep breathe. And ran towards the garden.

She was right and here her best friend was!! With all her energy and excitement she went to her best friend.

“DADUUUUU……”  she called out with her sweetest voice.

A wrinkled face behind the newspaper on the chair bloomed like a flower who got the sunshine after a long dark night. As the newspaper moved off the face felt like the sun came shining out of clouds.

“MY BARBIE DOLL IS HERE….” a weak voice said out of excitement with strong hands wide opened.

She ran with all her energy and hugged her BEST FRIEND. HER GRANDFATHER. She jumped with joy. She felt happy, she felt complete!! Her smile sparkled brighter than a diamond. Her happiness had no bounds her joy had no limits. Some gifts gives happiness which words can’t express.

And this was her BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT she ever got!!