Appreciation can make any person to change things in the world or change things in himself. Everybody in this world works for appreciation. Nobody likes to get hate or critisism for good work. But why don’t we appreciate the hardwork and honest work of poor people ? We all love fame and attention so we appreciate the one’s who are famous. of course famous people deserve the appreciation as they have earned this fame through their hardwork as well. But when it comes for people working in small sectors or even sweepers or roadside vendors nobody appreciates them.

On 31st December 2016 , it was somewhat  11 PM and I was hanging out with my friends to celebrate new year. You can see joy and happiness all around you. People are out with families,friends etc enjoying their special moments this night. Music is all over the city and how can there not be dance of crazy people when music is being played everywhere. So to cover everything in one sentence people were happy and the happiness is always at its peak.

So while riding across the city I saw a bunch of people selling balloons . This wasn’t just a small scenario but a big one indeed.

The whole street was seen flooded with balloons of every colour and the people selling them were never seen before at this place.

So when everyone started buying the balloons I and my friends went up to a guy to buy some too. He was having an average body and was 24 years old maybe. So I asked him what’s the price of one baloon. He replied 20 Rupees which was not bad but I thought it might be 10 rupees. So I asked if there was any balloon of 10 rupees to which he sadly replied no . Suddenly one thing popped up my mind that if everybody is enjoying then why am I demanding  10 rupees less for one balloon?

I shouldn’t put him in a loss so I took some 4-5 balloons and gave him 100 rupees. Before leaving from that spot I wished him a very happy new year. He wished me the same but there was one different gesture he did which made me realise what an impact I just created. After shaking hands he simply touched his heart with his right hand which nobody including my friends and family did when I wished them. I realised he took my wishes in a very thankful way and I was the first person to wish him and maybe he did’nt have anyone to enjoy this moment with.

The very next day on 1st January when the party was over I was hungry and so I went to have some outside breakfast. So on my way I saw a very famous “vada pav stall” . I went inside and ordered two vada pav while talking on the phone about my party last night . Before my breakfast came I wished the workers a very happy new year and just after that the sweet gesture of the balloon seller was repeated by the workers. They said thank you and shook my hands and placed their right hand on their chest i.e over their heart .

My simple new year wish might have made their day . I knew nobody would have wished them .

After two more days when I again went to eat breakfast over there the same workers were there . One of them who took my order said where is the party tonight? I asked him which party ? He said few days before you came here and were talking on the phone about your new year party. I was shocked that he remembered such a small thing of a stranger . I asked him how do you remember my conversation on phone with someone ?

He said “you were the only one who wished us new year and appreciated our work. Hundreds of people come here everyday but nobody says thank you after their lunch and breakfast but only you thanked us and wished us good luck ahead. ”

This was the moment of my life. I understood how a small gesture can change someone’s day and thoughts. Everyone in this world can earn money but when in return someone gets appreciation he gets a positive backup from his inner soul to fight harder for survival. No matter how poor or rich a person is if appreciation is done upon him he works wonders or his inner soul becomes alive again. This worker will definitely remember me for his entire life and will work harder because now he knows his work has been appreciated and same goes with the balloon seller. Gestures do create an impact so make this impact on everyone’s life with small appreciation for genuine work,help or mankind.