“Guzarish,have you ever wished of doing anything in life?” -Imam Ahmed Khan asked his press reporters in the press conference for the best selling book GUZARISH.


“Sir,i have wished to gift my mom a house and to marry a beautiful girl,but unfortunetly could’nt succeded.”-a reporter said.


“Ohk so you are not married yet,sorry but now you are not a marriage material”- Imam said.Everyone laughed heartedly.


“Hahaha no sir,I am married that is why I am saying could not fulfill my Guzarish.”-reporter said,and laughed.


Everyone in the crowd laughed.


“Hahhaa such a lovely press conference it is,For my most special book,and on the premier of this book I am going to tell you all my Guzarish.”-Imam said.


“So my only Guzarish is to make everyone happy,and you all can be very happy only after meeting the protaganist of my book ,Heena Ali.

“Please welcome her everyone,”-Imam said and as he said the whole crowd stared at the main entrance.

The camera men switched their camera’s towards the main entrance. They adjusted their camera to click the best pictures of this unknown girl.


For a long while everyone was constantly looking towards the gate and then after a while suddenly everyone felt surprised as Imam started laughing.

“Guyz , you are seriously crazy,she is in my HEART,or i should say,she is my HEART”


Everyone laughed briskly. Few whispered, “Imam sir,is seriously funny,hahahaha,” !


“But sir tell us something about our new celebrity,Heena Ali “-said one of the reporter.

“Yes Sir,tell us.What had you thought about writing this character”-said another lady reporter removing her mercury red hair from her face and which later tumbled on her shoulders.


“Yes Yes, Guyz i will tell you. When i thought about her. How this character came in my mind. “- Imam clearded everyone’s thoughts .

“So, basically this character is something i actually relate to what happened in my life. All those beautiful changes which came in my life. All those amazing experiences i had about all those lavishing days with her. She is actually my heart. “- Imam was actually happy and that beautiful smile on his face while describing his heart out was rather more beautiful to feel rather than to feel it.





LUCKNOW – 5 Years ago


“Ammi, I have to go. Thats what my work is. Please don’t force me to stay here in Lucknow. Its nothing here . I have great ambitions.Try to understand.”- ME ,a 21 year old immature(According to my mother) yet ambitious boy,said.


” What ?What is their in Mumbai? Money ? Fame? For what are you running for. What is more precious for you? Your Ammi or your fame? Tell me ?- My mother,Soha Ahmed khan claimed ,for her , I was then a 14 year old silly immature boy.


“Ammi. You, Money and Fame all three are equally important for me. Ammi, wait ! lets do one thing. Come along with me . That would be amazing. “- I spoke with great jolie and excitement.

“Are you mad Imam. I.. I come along with you leaving our Pushtaini Hawaili ? Stop arguing with me.You want to go,go. I am not gonna come along with you to Mumbai.”- Ammi screamed brutely at me.


“Ammi , What is more important to you ? Me or this old place. Where you could only get criticism, to whatever you do ?Tell me “- I said this in a very serious tone.

Their was an awkward silence for a couple of minutes.


Next Day Me , and Ammi , took our train to Mumbai.




“My Ammi had always thought that these small jobs are useless. Jobs like,Script writer, Content writer are all for Language students.For her, an engineering student doing all this is a shame. According to her ,I should have pursued my career in B.Tech only. Probably , M.Tech or maybe something in computers. She had never got the fact how much i love to write. But now, When she sees me here sitting with all you lovely people and meeting all special and legendary people,she considers my decision was amazing.”- Imam said.


“Sir you are an inspiration to everyone.Your mother would be really happy to see that” -another reporter said.


“Yess she is really proud of me. Actually i have realised that before any success story , their is always a broken heart and some sad moments but then the brightness of the sun is extraordinary and the new morning is always happening and smiling.”- Imam said and then continued with his story of his success and his inspiration.



“Imam, when are you going to wake up ? You are already late for work. First day and no concentration for work. If you continue this attitude for your work i will take you back to .. “Ammi said so while coming to my room and warning me to wake up early for work.


“Ammi, Stop doing that again and again. I mean seriously, you are literally making my sleep as an excuse to go back to Lucknow.What is the whole use of explaining you important facts of being in Mumbai ? “- I felt a little exasperated of my mother’s continues attitude towards life in Mumbai and my job.


“Imam, sorry bacha. I did’t meant that. Now please don’t spoil your mood. I am sorry. I won’t say such things anymore. Promise. “-Ammi tried to convince me qith her emotional values.


“No no Ammi, please don’t say that. Ok lets do one thing.I’ll take you to my work today.First day, and you with me. It would be super amazing. C’mon. Get ready to see my workplace.”- I tried to lighten the emotional situation.


” Really can i come? What type of office is it , where anyone can come and go ? “- Ammi still had the same thoughts of going back to Lucknow.


“Ammi i am taking you their,does’nt mean anyone can come and go. Its an short film making institute for speciallyabled childen, where i am working as a scriptwriter. So i am taking you their so that you can meet those special people working in the films. Its truly going to be great fun.”- I tried to make my Ammi comfortable and happy that the place i am working is wonderful.


“Ohh Thats great, I’ll be ready in a few minutes. Till then have your breakfast. She served me with POHA With TEA for you. – Ammi got too excited to see my workplace.



“Hey Krish, how are you bro? Long time. – I said to my dearest friend and now my publisher,Krish Ahuja.

“Heyyy Imam,Dude. I had completely lost the hope that you will join the Institution.You had a word with Sanjay Sir?- Krish excited pulled me up with his bumpy heavy muscular body and punjabi fit.

Ammi was completely shocked to see how a boy can be so muscular and giant and who jumped on his little skinny ,yet a 14 year old boy.


“Yaah Allah! Carefully.-Ammi was’nt able to resist her emotions and broke out.

“Ohh .. Yeah. ! Who are you madam?-Krish dropped me down with immense force and strangly asked Ammi who she was.


“Brother, she is my Ammi.Ahh.. My Mother. She had came along with me to see my workplace. I bought her here.. and ..”-Krish is a person who never allows you to complete any sentence. He has this keeda in him, to speak excitedly, which comes out in every conversation with everyone.So he stopped me in between my sentence.


” Ohhhh myy Gooshh!! KHALA, perri-poana,(Greeting in punjabi, to touch elders feet). How are you? Have heard alot about you from Imam. He used to always say something about you. You know when i met Imam in Lucknow ,I literally asked him to take me at your HAWELI,but he refused and now i am finally meeting you.How you are? How are you feeling right now? You liked Mumbai? Oh,You work in a school for small children,Right?Oh god! Its like i know you from the day i saw Imam. You look exactly like Imam. Hahahha. So happy to see you. How are you?- Krish has this other problem of not stopping after starting to speak.Ammi was only looking at him without even blinking her eyes.

“Calm Down Beta, I am fine,but what is your problem ?,i mean why don’t you allow anyone to speak and don’t even listen to what others are say.Hav’nt you ever learned that speaking and listening is a very magical power.One should learn and grab them both together. “- Even Ammi was in full emotions.I mean,bacha try to learn such things its a good habit. She gave out her teacher in just one sentence.Krish was looking at Ammi,as if, he is a samll kid from Ammi’s school.And me,I looked blank.


“Wooow! Khala, you are the best.You just made me realise my mistake in a few minutes. You both would be having a great bonding .. i am pretty sure”-  Krish said with a complete smile on his face.

His last sentence just touched my Ammi’s heart ,And then… She has a great bonding with Krish too !





“Sir, How would you justify your love for the hindus ? I mean …”- A reporter asked.


“Do i really have to justify. I don’t really think that religion really matters.What matters is Respect for every one. If you’d ask me,Krish is not just my brother , he is My World. We had spend so many years together that i cannot even think of a day without him now.You know what, his wife had started doubting us ,but then he got an Angle. – Imam, laughed and said about his beautiful relation with Krish, his brother.


Everyone in the crowd laughed and then Imam continued with his story.




“Ammi, i have to go a little early, we have a few more children in our institute.”- I said to Ammi, taking my car keys from the dinning table and moving forward towards the door.

“Wait, Take this box, I have made Briyani Specially for Krish. Make sure you give this to him.Also i have packed a little for you in this another box.”- Ammi handed over me the two boxes and hurriedly jumped into the kitchen to continue her work. I realised , my work started from 9AM in the morning and would end up at 6-7PM in the eveing, but hers is never ending.


I took the boxes and ran to the lobby and drove my car to the institute.


“Krish, you mentioned about a few new children,where are they,?”-I searched for the children in the living area but could’nt find any new one.

“Yeah Yeah, the new ones. They are in the garden.Go meet them”-Krish replied while completing his record work.


I moved towards the garden.As soon as i moved forward, I started hearing some noises. I could guess their are a few children in the garden. And the moment i moved forward, i could only here one sound, which was probably near the main gate for the garden.

That particular sound in still groofing in my ears. It was HEENA ALI.

As i moved forward, the sound became louder.

The voice was so beautiful and pure,that i was’nt able to resist myself the move fastly and find who she was.

I reached the gate.

I looked for the voice.

It came exactly from behind the doors.

A girl was sitting their,holding a beautiful big rose .

As i saw her,i was stunned. She was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my entire life. She had big and beautiful eyes. Little pink lips and some little natural shine on it.

She had curls on.

She wore a very light makeup. I did’nt know much about makeup but she had a flawless skin with pink cheeks.

I was just staring at her. She wore a beautiful sea green colored(Thats how girls mention that color)long dress with her head covered with a red hijab.

She was mummering some beautiful song.

I was still just staring her .

Suddenly Krish came from behind.

“Imam, bro,You met the children or not? What are you doing”- Krish still had some documents in his hand. He was wrapping the papers and putting them in his pockets.

and me,

I was still looking at her.


“Immmmmaaammm.. Brother, what happened? I am asking you something, what are.. “- Krish stopped in between and went through the way of my eyes.


“Heena Ali. A Social Worker,A Small Stage Singer. Owner of Khwaja NGO in Lahore. And The very famous Blind-Writer.Her Books are really famous… hmm “- Krish completed his sentence. My eyes had turned from Heena To Krish.


“What?? Now why are you looking at me. She had bought these children from Lahore.She says they want more activities to be involved with. And thinks this is the right platform. All thanks to you bro. She read all your blogs .. Diaries.. Quotes which you posted on our official site. Ohh Yeah… She even wanted to meet you. Come “-Krish completed his whole sentence in one go. I did’nt uttered a word.

Now I was still looking at her.

“Hello Heena. He is Imam ,My brother, my soulmate.. hahaha.  and our official writer. “-Krish introduced me to her.


I was still looking at her.


“Hello.”-She said. Her voice was immensely filled with joy and pleasure. She looked more prettier.


I was still looking at her.


She looked confused .. As she could’nt hear a “hello”back.

“Imam,Brother.. hehehe.. Sayyy Something”- Krish had a dual expressions on his face and his words. He literally pushed me,to wake me up.

“Yeaahh.  hi. Amm Hello. “- I said. I sounded like a 2 year old boy being introduced to his favorite Elder Relative or friend.A little dumb yet happy.

“I like what you write. I always get inspired from your work. Its not fancy yet Shining.”- Heena said.


I was still looking at her.


“Imam,is an amazing writer. I guess,its in the blood of Lucknow people.Right?Hahaha”- Krish said this because of no reason.He was still pushing me to speak and have conversation.As it was important for our institute to get in touch with them.


I was still looking at her.


“Heena, we’ll catch you in a minute. Please.”- Krish asked Heena to excuse us and grabbed me with both hands and took me inside.

“Yeah Sure please”- Heena said as Krish took me inside.


“What .. Why you bought me in? We had to converse with her right?”- I protested my hands and tried to move forward.

“Exactly.You had to talk to her.You need not only have to stare her,like a stupid fellow.”- Krish replied harshly.

“SHE IS BEAUTIFUL KRISH. VERY BEAUTIFUL”-I broke out what i had in mind.

“What, Wait, You started liking her?Ohh My God.My brother in love. Wohhoo. !!”-Krish showed his excitement and pulled me up.


“No no, are you mad bro? I don’t know about love ,its just i felt a little for her.I just wish , to make her happy all the time.I don’t know ,when i just saw her, i felt like being. “- I was happy. I was thinking about her. Suddenly Krish stopped me in between.

“Brother,She is beautiful both by heart and soul.Just go and talk to her.Its really important for you to do that. “-Krish very calmly suggested me and asked me to go and have a word with Heena.

“But what will i say?How will i react?I behaved so awkwardly right now.It was extremly weird and irritating for her ,i guess. “-I was worried for the way i reacted on the first meeting.

“No goooo! “- Krish insisted me to go,rather pushed me forward.

I saw her again after exactly 11 mins 5 seconds.

She looked more beautiful.

She was playing with a kid who was physically handicaped.

I moved forward. My hands were shiverring.

I reached her.She was still playing with the kid.


I was still looking at her.


“Waqram,Go play with your other friends.I need to talk to Imam Sir.Go Carefully.”-Heena said with extreme confidence.I was completely astonished how she knew i was their.I had not even uttered a word.

I had other thoughts in mind.

Has she started loving me?

Was she also thinking about me?

I cleared my throat.Took a deep breath.Gained a little confidence to utter a word,but,she Said.

“Hello Sir,Tell me ,how it is to be scheduled.We have 4 girls and 7 boys.And all of them are really intelligents and … “-She said in one chorus. But i stopped her in between to ask the most curious question.

“Heena Wait, I mean.. How did you got to know i was here. I mean here when you were playing with that kid?”- I asked but was embaraced of what i was asking any why !!

“Hahaha,Through my EYES.”-Heena said.

She left me confused and I looked strangely at her.

“What?Eyes. I mean.. “- I could’nt speak further.I did’nt had courage to judge anyone’s physical feature. I did’nt wanted her to feel annoyed about my mentallity,Though, i did’nt had anything in my mind.

“Yess.. My Eyes. My inner Eyes. Hahahha. Like Lord Shiva, Even i have a third eye.I was able to sense you.By the way, Your scent is amazing.”- She said in a very smooth and calm way.


I felt so happy about it. Not because she praised about my body odore but she mentioned about Lord Shiva. Atleast we had same thoughts unlike others.

We need not have to be confused why an ALLAH girl talking about RAM.

Let the hearts be secular please.


“Ohh.. Hahaha.. So tell me ? “-I said with full confidence for the first time while talking to her.


“Do you have any Guzarish?”-She said.


Guzarish. What type of Guzarish was she talking about? I was confused.

“Amm.. Guzarish? Do you have one?”-I asked her

“Yess. I have.I WANT TO SEE THE WORLD.”-She said.

She was confidently saying it. I felt she did’nt realised what she said.

“Heena , i like your confidence. I hope you don’t mind me calling you Heena?”-i said.

“Hahaha.. No not at all..Why would i mind. Thats what my name is!!”-She said with full confidence.


“Hahaha. yess. But I am sorry to say,how will you see the world? If you feel this queation is offending then please don’t reply.”-Again i did’nt wanted to make her feel awkward.

“I don’t know?I have no idea.All i want is,TO SEE THE WORLD,WHETHER THROUGH MY EYES OR SOMEONE ELSE.”-She said so.

The moment she said this,i got an idea of making her see the entire world,through my eyes.

I asked her to give this oppurtunity to me.And she smiled and said,”I don’t know”.


Ammi met her.She was happy meeting her.They had a long talk on how life is and everything. Ammi taught her ,her famous Lucknow style briyani.And she excelded in making it.


It was Krish’s wedding .

We were excited about it. He was getting married to his beloved.

Me,I was attending my best friends wedding with my beloved being just a friend.

Ammi did’nt knew about my love for Heena.All she used to say was,”A pretty ,nice girl.Allah bless her with love and life.”

I used to feel ,i am here for love and she’ll be my life.


We had a great fun at Krish’s wedding.It was for the first time,Heena saw an Indian Wedding.

Yess! She saw the wedding.I made her see that.

I arranged a beautiful voice messages for her from everyone in the party.I described her how the decorations were done.How sweets were served to how people were grabbing them.Everything.

She was Happy.


After the feraas she said,”Will you take me to see the world?”.I was shocked to listen what she said. I was madly happy.I had a broad smile on my face.My smile was endless.

I said”Yess Off course,i would.Its an oppurtunity for me”.

“Aww,Imam. ThankYou.”-She had tears.

I could’nt see them.I wanted to tell her I LOVED HER.Loved her,from the day i saw her.

She looked beautiful.


I was Still looking at her.



Me,Heena and the newly wedded couple were in Paris,France.


J’ai visité les musseé avec Elle.(I had visited the museums with her) .


We had seen every single place she wanted to go.










And My Heart-❓❓❓❓❓❓

It had a big question mark.

We had came really close to each other.I could understand everything related to her.We used to share everything with each other.All i wanted to share was my heart with her,Which she had not yet visited.

One day,finally,i decided to say to her.


My heart was pumping.

We were back at India.The very place from where it all started.

I looked at her.

She looked prettier.

I took her hands in my hands.

Her expressions changed.

We had holded each others hands earlier also.But this time,it was different.

Probably it was the right way.

I said,”I wanted to say you something Heena,”Before i could say something more,she said,”Even i wanted to say something”.

I gave her the first chance.This time i was sure,she’ll say what she had in her heart about me.

“Thanks,Thanks for everything.The love you gave.The support you had shown me.The way you took my care.Everything.We had not just been friends.Its obviously above that.I know what you have in your heart,but that can’t be possible.”-she said.

I could’nt believe what she said.She clearly mentioned that their could be nothing between us.

I felt like crying .But i gained a little courage and asked her,”Why are you saying like that Heena.Yess I LOVE YOU. From the day i saw you.I don’t know about your love,but mine is deep and pure.”-I said.

“I know,but this…. this could not be possible… i mean.Yeah.. Even i feel about you. but. “-She stummered in her words.She wanted to say something but did’nt said that.

All she said was.

“I have one GUZARISH,Which i cannot wish to be fulfilled”!!

I did’nt question her much.I did’nt wanted to disturb her from inside.

All i said was,”Take your time and think about it”.



“But she did’nt had much time to think of it.

Heena was suffering from CANCER.

She was at her last stage.

I got to know about this,when she left India,with a letter for me.

The letter said((,”My last GUZARISH is to be with you.But.. “!!)).

It was her last word with me. She left me with a doubt,and my last GUZARISH,

TO BE WITH HER”-Imam sir said and ended his story of life with a smile and A ThankYou.


Everyone in the audience had tears.

People were smiling and cherishing the moment.

Later everyone clapped and the conference ended with a great success of the book called